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Loud Booms Continue To Defy Explanation

Posted on March 29, 2012

For the last few weeks strange loud booms have been heard in many towns and cities accross America and indeed accross the world.  One of those towns at the centre of the mystery is the small town of Clintonville.   “Clearly it simply jolts you. It sounds like someone drops a piece of dynamite outside of the building you’re in. Or that something sort of exploded under the ground. …We have checked gas lines, sewers, water pressures and consulted with meteorologists, seismologists, U. S. military, utilities experts and mining companies, but have come up empty-handed.” — Lisa Kuss, City Administrator, Clintonville, WI   Similar booms have also been head in Montello, Wisconsin The booms have been so frighteningly loud that local emergency services have…

New Samsung HDTVs Pose Privacy Threat

Posted on March 29, 2012

New Zealand based blog  Cryptogon is reporting on a new and very disturbing development which could potentially provide a virtual window for hackers and spooks to both hear and see into people’s living rooms, further fuelling the erosion of privacy and civil liberties. Via: HDGuru: Samsung’s 2012 top-of-the-line plasmas and LED HDTVs offer new features never before available within a television including a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking and speech recognition. While these features give you unprecedented control over an HDTV, the devices themselves, more similar than ever to a personal computer, may allow hackers or even Samsung to see and hear you and your family, and collect extremely personal data. “These Samsung TVs locate and make note of registered…