“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan


Veteran Swedish treasure hunters, the Ocean Explorer Team will at last embark on a long anticipated return trip to the massive and mysterious object lying some 85 metres under the Baltic Sea – known simply as the “Baltic Anomaly”.


Special report by Craig Brown (Editor)

Artist's impression of the anomaly by talented German artist Hauke Vagt - http://vaghauk.deviantart.com/

  • New Multi-Beam Sonar Images Released Contradict Mainstream “Explanations”
  • Voyage Begins Next Saturday 8th September and Will Last 8-9 days
  • Team Will Look At Other Shipwrecks Also To Finance This Project
  • Excitement As Team Will Investigate Second Anomaly For The First Time
  • New Expedition Should Provide More Answers To Object’s Origin
  • New Images Show 2-3 Metre Long Square With Perfectly Round Hole Inside
  • Depressions With Perfectly Straight Edges Many Metres Long

The team, led by OceanX founders Dennis Aasberg and Peter Lindberg will leave Norrtälje harbour, Sweden on the 8th September after a second trip in July ended in disappointment due to multiple equipment failures. Despite this previous setback, the team are determined to get answers and when you see the latest sonar images you will understand why.


Out of place


This unnatural looking mushroom shaped structure protrudes vertically upwards out of the normally featureless seabed by an incredible 12 metres (40 feet) with the dome on top spanning an impressive 60 metres (180 feet) – equivalent to the wingspan of a commercial airliner.  This is no small find!


Not only is the massive scale of the object utterly impressive, but the other thing that hits you between the eyes is also how ridiculously out of place it seems.  The Baltic Sea is what’s known as a “dead-zone”  with massive expanses of flat and featureless seabed. Yet in the middle of it all we find a 12 metre high champagne cork shaped object literally – “sticking up like a sore thumb”. Then there is the tantalizing prospect of the as yet uninvestigated second and third anomalies lying close by and begging closer inspection.


When news first broke of the finding back in June? 2011 a sensationalist world media jumped on the images comparing the sidescan sonar images to Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon.  In truth, there was a very real visual similarity when the top-down views were compared but not much in the way of substance beyond that.  The OceanX team, like the rest of us, were eager to solve the mystery and so here we are on the verge of another return trip and another voyage into the unknown, or perhaps a voyage into our own distant human origins.

OceanX Co-Founder - Dennis Aasberg

Announcing the new expedition a few days ago Ocean X Co-Founder Dennis  Aasberg said…


“We go out from Norrtälje 7 or 8 september, and it is not we were hoping for … we are missing some equipment unfortunately. And now we also look at object 2 with ROV. We will also look at a wreck which we hope has load of interesting things so we can get money into the project … for that we need now.”


“Investigation continues, we will take more samples, more photos and movies, and identify the object if we can. before when we were there we saw only 30 cm. We will also try to find the hole …. and if we do, we will bring down a camera. We will also look at object 2. Now we hope that everything works and that the weather is good.” -- Dennis Aasberg

OceanX Team's new vessel - The Ancylus or as it is jokingly referred to as "The Baltic Falcon"

Worldwide interest


Interest in the anomaly has been intense and unrelenting.  Even now, some 14 months after the initial discovery was announced, more and more people are becoming fascinated by the story, perhaps due to the fact that if anything, the anomaly becomes MORE mysterious with every new revelation and release of images.  The range of discoveries have gradually woven an emerging picture that whatever this is, it is probably very very old and parts of it (if not all of it), have in some way been constructed or fashioned.


Unnatural features defy explanation


Small stone circles with the appearance of arranged fireplaces were found in multiple locations lying on top of the main 180 ft wide dome, along with a strange 4 metre wide mini-dome, unashamedly  nicknamed -  “The Meringue”.  As if your weirdometer wasn’t pinging enough already, divers found a perfectly round 25-30cm hole embedded in the structure followed by discoveries that have no right to be there; extremely large perfect 90 degree right angles, straight edges shaped like doorways, windows and passages many metres long.  Surfaces that look like concrete and are perfectly smooth. Then there’s the bizarre resemblance to a huge set of  eight “stairs” each one 3 foot tall descending down one side of the anomaly as if once crafted by giants and left preserved there for eons. Lastly, and more impressive, the recently published Facebook  sonar images that show more angular and geometric features with one astonishing image showing a 2-3 metre wide perfectly circular hole nested inside a perfectly square cavity.


Expedition costs


Expeditions such as this are extremely expensive.  Diesel for the voyage alone costs many thousands of Euros, a crew of expert divers also need to be paid; then there is the hire costs for the multi-million dollar manifest of equipment such as the remotely piloted submarine; not to mention paying a chef, a captain, other crew members and buying enough food to last 11 people for over a week. These costs have to be paid by someone if any of us anxiously awaiting updates here on dry-land are to find out the true nature of what is down there on the seabed.

Some of the crew of the Ancylus

The Documentary


To help offset the significant personal investments OceanX owners have made in this, the team have acquired a few welcome sponsors along the way to cover the huge expense of simply investigating the anomaly.  The main sponsor is Swedish Television production company Titan TV who were smart enough to realise that there would be phenomenal worldwide interest in the discovery and an opportunity to sell a documentary to a flock of eager TV channels.


The OceanX team needed considerable finance to go back out and explore the anomaly, and in return Titan would get exclusive footage and access to the expeditions in order to make their documentary film.


This decision seems to have been a bit of a double-edged sword for the team; on one hand they managed to acquire the source of funding they so desperately needed in order to make return expeditions to the site, but on the other hand they would now be limited through signed legally binding contracts as to what (if any) of the most controversial footage they could release before the documentary is broadcast.  Reading between the lines and listening to the online discussions of the team it is clear that there is some incredible footage yet to be made public.


Although frustrating for most people desperate to know more, it is understandable given the huge costs of assembling a team and getting them on-site for up to a week at a time.  The finished Titan TV documentary when televised will surely blow the lid on an already explosive story and give this unique discovery the worldwide acclaim it deserves.


Note: Truthfall tried to contact Titan TV on several occasions for comment and to find out more on their documentary project, but as of publication of this article our emails have remained unanswered.

“When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film” – Dennis Åsberg – Ocean Explorer Co-Founder


One of the many sonar images which defy explanation due to the unnaturally geometric construction. Click for larger image.


Newly Released  Sonar Images Fuel Artificial Construction Theory

“If this normal in the middle of the sea on a round object … then I do not know what to believe anymore.” – Dennis Aasberg (Oceanx Team Co-Founder)


In the last two weeks the OceanX team have shared new multi-beam sonar images on Facebook that are utterly confounding.  There appears to be genuine evidence in these images that elements of the structure (if not the entire structure) has been constructed or crafted, not by nature, but by an intelligence that was around a long time ago when the Baltic Sea was once dry land.  It should be noted that the last time the Baltic Sea was dry land was The Pleistocene age (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago).


While it is true to say that certain geometry can occur in natural basalt formations much like the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, there is no current precedent for the sheer scale and complexity of what has been found in the Baltic.  If mainstream science has an adequate explanation for how a 200 ft wide mushroom shaped anomaly can contain perfectly square depressions, some of which contain perfectly circular depressions nested within them then there are many who would love to hear it.


The list of suggestions for what the anomaly may be reads like a who’s who of volcanic / glacial features. All this despite the fact that evidence of volcanic activity has never ever been found in the Baltic region and even the most competent expert on glaciation would balk at the idea of  trying to explain many of the more peculiar features nested within the structure of this fascinating object.


In a recent Facebook exchange Dennis gave his own views on the artificiality of the object…


Philippe Guégan: “Dennis, do you know if Peter still gives a 99% chance that the object is of natural origin?  – He said it last year, but before diving? thank you”


Dennis: “It was before we dived, it looks to be constructed. but very old.”

"The Meringue" - Approximately 4 metres wide is only one of many strange features sitting on TOP of the dome of the formation.

What is the strange hole and where does it lead?

This newly released multi-beam sonar image shows yet more straight edges which seemingly contradict mainstream explanations. Click for larger image.

Yet more unexplained straight lines.

Square depression with round hole looks almost certainly "manufactured" or crafted somehow. Click for larger image.

Do you understand me now that I can not sleep? …and this is not the only pictures we have … do you believe it is something unique now?- Dennis Aasberg


Throughout the exploration project Co-Founder Peter Lindberg has been the more reserved in his judgement of the artificiality of the object, but in a recent statement he admits there are aspects of the anomaly he cannot comprehend…


“Regarding the articles in Fox News other media; there is nothing strange with what Volker are saying, it is a theory as good as any. Volker has looked at the loose rocks we have brought up and to us he said it is strange with the basaltic rock which is not common for the area but there could always be a chance of that the rock had come there with the ice anyway, in some way…”

Editor’s Note: Volker Brüchert is an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University who has been given some samples of rock that the team brought back.  The  samples that form the “definitive” conclusions given by certain websites are not from the main body of the anomaly, but loose rocks found in the vicinity of the site.

“I have at several occasions here at Facebook been very positive regarding these kind of theories presented by different persons and have commented them in that way. So of course I get sad when I read about my self like I’m some kind of con man. I still think it will be explained as a natural formation but as I have told before, we have discovered things that even I have difficulties to apprehend. But I guess these strange things will be explained along our way to fully explore the circle.”


“I guess I will write some more things about this since I guess these articles will really throw petrol on the fire. As a final comment to Volker’s gambit I just want to say that it must be very convenient to be able to sit at an office and still have all the answers…” – Peter Lindberg (OceanX Co-Founder)

“So much false rumors … but I’m getting used to it now. We have not been able to take samples from the object. — So no one can know what it is”.


“We have only taken samples from the rocks near the object. — Which is examined. We have a lot of movie time where showing something new and unique. answers from researchers — have never seen anything like it.”


“What I think … in my eyes it looks like it may be constructed but if it is I do not know.” – Dennis Aasberg


OceanX Community

The OceanX Team’s Facebook page, which started off as a small group of interested individuals now boasts an impressive 12,700 members and growing! The OceanX Team’s regular communications are mostly conducted through this large but close-knit Facebook community. Members here represent dozens upon dozens of countries and they all have one particular thing in common – they want to know what the hell is lying 85 metres deep on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. There is a genuine family feel within this group and one cannot help becoming enthused by the shared spirit of discovery and co-operation.


The discussions are lively and seem to be conducted almost 24 hours a day.  A friendly group of page admins from various countries do very well in keeping order and maintaining the focus on-topic and as a result 99% of the discussion is conducted sensibly and with mutual respect.


The Facebook Group has become an inspirational focus for the continued efforts of the team with more support than they could ever have hoped for.  The group’s efforts truly showcase the combined people power of the internet and somehow you get the feeling that this small group of determined people really can change the world.


Ongoing Funding


The initial expectations were perhaps that the object would be quickly identified and that a rational explanation fitting within accepted historical context would be applied.  However, even after multiple expeditions to the object, an adequate explanation remains elusive.  This in turn has created a more long term need for a funding strategy as it seems more exploration will need to be carried out.  Members of the Facebook group responded to the shortfall of funding by deluging the team with offers of personal donations and fundraising, but the team have resisted all approaches at charitable donations, preferring instead to fund-raise through the sale of their OceanX clothing brand.

Photograph of screen from ROV camera showing more straight edges and 90 degree angles. Click for larger image.

The Main Anomaly


The main object lies 80-90 metres deep and has been described as similar to “a champagne cork” (ironic, given the fact the OceanX Team’s successes involve finding expensive champagne). The object could be thought of as comprising 2 main sections – a pillar and a dome. The main thick pillar or foundation rises approximately 12 metres straight up out of the seabed which is then capped by a dome approx 4 metres thick and 60 metres in diameter – the whole thing similar in many ways to a mushroom shape.


“It looked just like it (concrete), we’ve worked with concrete before since we’re professional divers. And that’s what it looks like under water, the damage to the pores and things like that, and very smooth, you know.” – Peter Lindberg.


The Second Anomaly


Some 200 metres away from the main anomaly lies anomaly two – initially described as looking like “a gothic church window” from the first sidescan sonar images.  This object is far smaller and was originally thought to perhaps be a broken-off piece of the main anomaly. So far this object has remained unexplored, but yet may indeed yield the biggest clues as to what the main anomaly really is.  The previous expedition had been all set to explore this object when disaster struck and the ROV suffered catastrophic damage when seawater got inside.


Anomaly Three


“The possible skid tracks start 1500 meters (4,921 feet) south and travel north where they end at each of the two more well-known anomalies. At the point of convergence 1500 metres away there is actually another anomaly which looks like a huge rock approx. 90 feet high and 900 feet in diameter with a big crack running through it approx. 120-180 feet wide and 60 feet deep. And yes, the crack’s direction are the same as the ‘tracks.

Previous Expedition Plagued By Equipment Failure


There were big plans for the  last expedition to the anomaly back in July.  The team had better equipment on board including a sophisticated multi-beam sonar which they planned to use for constructing a sonar mosaic of the entire site.  Just as the ROV was launched to go and look at the second anomaly it blew when water got inside to the electronics.


Here OceanX Team co-founder Peter Lindberg explains the difficulties experienced on the previous expedition…


Peter Lindberg – July 22nd

“Here is the short story about our last expedition: Bad weather and equipment failure!”


“Here is the longer story: We had very bad visibility and quite strong currents down around the circle. The ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) worked for a while but we could not record the ROV camera because of a human error (the remote to the hard-disc DVD was forgotten ashore). We had to take photos directly from the screen to be able get something recorded. The BlueView sonar did not work properly but I think we at least have enough snapshots from it to be able to make a sonar mosaic.”

Ancylus anchored above the object in the Baltic Sea

OceanX diver plunges into the water above the anomaly 85 metres below.

“The divers have shoot some film when they took new samples but due to the visibility and currents they were not able to take the samples from where we had planed, we’ll see what the samples will tell us. Stefan, (one of the divers), had mounted 3 GoPro cameras and a Contour camera on a rig with lights. The contour and one of the go Pro’s worked, the other two did not record anything. The divers could also tell that where they were they could not notice any magnetism. We tried to find the hole which we knew must be at 75 meters depth, as you can see on the ROV monitor, but we could not find it. I was my self driving the ROV around and I’m quite confused that it seems like it gone, which its obviously not. So I’m sorry to say that we can’t say anything about the hole at this stage. I guess we must try to find it next time, if there will be a next time. We did not find any more holes though.”


“We decided to go to object no 2 with the ROV but when it was launched four smoke filled bubbles came up and the ROV was dead in the water. We recovered it and spent many hours trying to locate the fault. We found that the tether (cable) had a short circuit and had burned a hole right through the isolation of the tether, so water came in. With 600 Volts in the tether things happens when coming in contact with water. We did not have the right material to fix the cable at site and we do not send the divers down before we have checked with the ROV. So it was only one thing to do, leave for home port.”


Illustration showing the ROV exploring the gap between the foundation pillar and the dome.

Foundation & Pillar Appear To Be Separate Objects


In another intriguing development, the anomaly may well be comprised of two separate structures, possibly made of entirely different materials. Peter Lindberg explained in an exchange of the group’s Facebook Page – “Well that was pretty much all of it. Well I forgot one thing, it appears that we have the upper part separated from the foundation.”


Roger Magnussønn Westgård: “In other words, the foundation is separated from the upper part of the object?”


Peter Lindberg: “Roger: Yes it looks like that, the gap is impossible to enter the whole way in with the ROV because it getting to narrowed so I do not know how it looks like further into the gap.” I think you must think of this object being there for a very long time, natural or made in some way. “I can’t tell whether the foundation and the upper part are of the same material or not.”


When asked about equipment failures on the second dive, Peter replied, “We’re always facing equipment problems when we are on our expeditions so for me it’s nothing strange, even if it has been a bit more than usual.” – “Yes, I’m puzzled why I could not find the hole.”


Peter Lindberg“The ROV claw is 100 mm when it’s fully opened” “I stick to my former line, if it is made it is of pre-ice age.”


Laura: “Did you get to explore the Volcanic-like mountain? Add what did you discover there.”


Peter Lindberg: “Laura: No, we did not passed it and it was to much of bad weather to think of the volcano but I’m sure it still there waiting for us.”


“The thing with the Multi Beam sonar (3D images) is that all of it was more or less f*cked up. We have a company working with trying to get something out of the recorded data. I have seen a picture and hopefully we will all be happy in the end, but we have not got the result we hoped for. It was something wrong with a motion sensor and we had got the water sound velocity readings wrong when measuring it with a spacial probe.”


The “Stairs”


Lindberg continued…


“Someone asked about the stairs, there is stair shaped formations but I do not know if I have got it right. I thought they were on one side but on the Multi beam image they appeared to be on an other side. I will come back to the stairs when I can study an image from a different angle.”


“They hammered off a couple of pieces from a huge rock formation on top of the circle, but it seams like that part is not really a part of the larger circular body. We was thinking that if it is an volcano the material with the smooth surface maybe was basalt and that the rocks on top were ordinary rock that has been broke and pushed up on top of the magma. But since the divers hardly could not see anything they just took samples from where they landed and that was on the highest point.”


“It surely looks strange I can not say anything else. But if those formations in Japan are natural I guess the chances for the circle to be constructed is very small.”


“There are some stunning video sequences which will not be released until the documentary is broadcasted and I can not tell you what it is because I will be much poorer than I am to day if I do, final! No more questions about that”.


“Hello people, I have not made this so called telephone interview which I will paste a quote of at the end of this comment. We where not followed by the coast guard, however, the Swedish navy showed up and came close with one vessel. But they left after a while without any attempts of coming close or asking us what we were doing. They headed north and joined a fleet of 6 other navy vessels which we could see with binoculars.”


“Well here is a quote of an interview I never have participated in, in other words; I deny it completely “I don’t have any proof of course, but I will say that I think our equipment failures had something to do with the Coast Guard boat that was around us during the entire expedition. Even though they did not hinder or crowd us, their vessel was larger and more sophisticated than most of the Coast Guard boats we typically see, and it was never more than 400 meters away from the dive site.”


“It is known that electronic jamming devices exist, and that most of the world’s military powers have them, so why would I think Sweden does not? Wouldn’t that be a more plausible explanation for our equipment failures than saying it was alien forces? Especially since the government intruded so quickly and heavily into our first discovery of the object, including confiscating my data, but made no contact or effort to interfere with this trip to the site.”


We will hopefully be able to do some ROV dives on the second anomaly and figure out what it is. The staircase comment was slipped from my mouth, and probably too early. I have seen something that looks like a stair, or steps, on the Multi Beam raw data. And it looks like they going from the missing part on the left side of the side scan image from last year and down to the bottom. I could only count to eight of them and that should mean that every step should be like a meter high which is a bit to high for a person to use. If there actually are something that looks like steps they probably just natural.”



Debunkers “explanations” fall flat


One of the first things you learn when writing about discoveries that challenge the official account of history or anything that defies establishment dogma is that there is a certain section of individuals who will try to explain away the unexplainable at any cost, and with the most ridiculous explanations – for details on these groups and individuals please see our page on Pseudoscepticism.


In June, LifesLittleMysteries.com published an article trying attempting  to  debunk any explanation which did not fit with the standard historical model.  Back then, they suggested that the OceanX team were running an “elaborate scam” with their story entitled – “Is the Baltic Sea ‘Sunken UFO’ an Elaborate Scam?”.


They contacted an “expert” who has never dived on the object nor seen it in real life who helpfully explained away the anomaly as a “pillow basalt”. A subsequent search of the interwebs for pillow basalts revealed no natural pillow basalts  on the same scale or geometric complexity as the Baltic Anomaly – not to mention anything with perfectly circular holes, right angles and corridor-like depressions running for many metres.


Since the initial article they have changed their tune several times.  So far it has been “a pillow basalt”, then it was an “elaborate scam”, now it’s a “glacial deposit”. Presumably glaciers now have the ability to carve windows, corridors and perfect circles? It would be nice if they could stick to one explanation, but it seems to change depending on what way the wind is blowing and which “expert” is happy for media exposure.


The latest article proclaims “Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Is  A Glacial Deposit”.  While it may turn out to be the case, no expert to date is on record stating this as fact.  It is merely a hypothesis based on rock samples of rocks found near the object (not of the actual object itself) yet LifesLittleMysteries.com makes the proclamation as though it were undisputed fact.


The article also fails to mention the most glaring inconsistencies in their statement that it is just a lump of basalt.  Nowhere do they mention the neatly arranged collection of rocks or “fireplaces” found on the top of the dome, “The Meringue”, the bizarre perfectly round hole in the side of the structure, the long straight corridor-like depressions, or the latest find – a perfectly round hole nested within another  perfectly square hole. These features are entirely inconsistent with the view that it’s an entirely natural object.  It may well be a glacial object, but if it is, then it may be a glacial deposit that shows evidence of early human activity and craftsmanship which does not fit neatly with the accepted historical perspective or timeline.


Corrections To Recent Daily Mail Article


UK Newspaper the “Daily Mail” recently published an update to their ongoing article regarding the Baltic anomaly.  While it was welcome to see that they had rightly described recent pro-establishment types  as  “debunkers” there were a number of factually incorrect details in the article which it is important for the reader to understand.


They stated “Object ‘is raised about 10 to 13ft above seabed”.  The object actually rises 10-13 METRES above the seabed which roughly equates to 40 feet.


Frustratingly, they are still choosing to include the sensationalist images of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon which does nothing to promote any serious investigation of the anomaly.  The anomaly as we reported previously is “Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery” and does not need sensationalist images for anyone to realise that it is a historical pandoras box waiting to be opened.  Presumably, Daily Mail readers need to be slapped over the head with sensationalism in order to maintain their short attention span.


Also infuriating, was the Mail’s use of an out-of-date artistic depiction of the anomaly.  As the data gathering on the structure and features of the anomaly has progressed artist Hauke Vagt has continually updated and refined his artists impressions to reflect the new sonar data and diver descriptions.  The Daily Mail have bizarrely chosen to print his original depiction instead of the more accurate newer image which you can see at the top of this article, presumably again because it is far more sensationalist than the up-to-date image.


Dennis Aasberg Blog


OceanX co-founder Dennis Aasberg has just recently started his own blog which should provide a fascinating insight into his own thoughts and opinions on what is the true nature of this object.

Further Information & Research


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Japanese Underwater Anomalyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxv66CXx4tQ


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