"UFO" anomaly and drag marks on the seabed

Earlier this evening, veteran treasure hunter and leader of the Ocean X team, Dennis Asberg communicated with the team’s Facebook page members by giving a very brief progress statement.


“We have left Norrtalje last night, we are going .. unfortunately we have very bad weather.” – Dennis Asberg


The Ocean Explorer vessel’s exact position is a closely guarded secret, but many think they know the rough location. According to a Swedish diver, the Ocean Explorer team had been diving at another shipwreck – the “Kyros” just before they made the announcement about the anomaly last year. The wreck of the Kyros is located in international waters, approximately 50 nautical miles south-southwest of Rauma and 30 nautical miles from the Åland Islands.


In other news coverage the Daily Fail not only managed to get it’s facts wrong, but also gave pseudosceptic rag “Skeptical Enquirer” a platform to peddle their more than ludicrous and absurd explanations for the anomaly.


First off though was the Mail’s incorrect statement “Sonar pictures showed a massive, metallic cylinder”.  The object imaged by the sonar was in fact a disc shaped or round object, not at all resembling a cylinder. Furthermore, the Ocean Explorer team have NEVER claimed that the object was “metallic”.  All they know is that the object is made of a hard substance that is bouncing the sonar echoes back to the instruments.


Next they get into even more fantasy with “A similar disk-shaped object was also found about 200 metres away”.  Again, this is simply not true.  The second anomalous object is shaped like “a Gothic church window” with arches, so where indeed did the Mail do their research on this story?


As if the innacuracies in the story were not enough, they gave a platform to PseudoSkeptical Enquirer deputy editor Benjamin Radford who had earlier told the Huffington Post: ‘My guess is that they won’t find anything. They may just find a large roundish rock.”


Radford neglects to explain how there came to be 1400-1500 feet of disturbed seabed and sandbar ridge leading to the object or the 6x background radiation readings found on the ship anchors.  Nor does he mention the second anomaly and the drag or skid marks that lead up to this object and how this disturbed seabed runs in the same direction to form a third impact point.  Perhaps the “roundish rocks” he describes got up and went for a stroll along the bottom of the Baltic?




Craig is a freelance writer and researcher studying and writing about the UFO phenomenon, remote viewing, free energy, and other strange phenomena for over 20 years. He is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.