Before getting into a recap on yesterday, the main news is that there is supposed to be a press release this week from the OceanX team on their findings -  (not a press conference) as some have wrongly suggested. Also a source close to the crew yesterday suggested that the news coming soon would be in his words – “AMAZING”.


There has been no mainstream coverage at all since the new mission started, however there may be a media embargo enforced at present by the Swedish TV channel that has part-funded the operating costs of the mission. If a reporting embargo is in force, then there may be a co-ordinated release of information among many mainstream outlets, but this possibility remains to be seen.


Yesterday, the OceanX team made an unexpected trip back to shore to stock up on more supplies before resuming their adventure. A local Swedish man (Morgan Andersson) who has been following the exploits on Facebook and lives nearby, came accross the ship “Ancylus” docked in Norrtälje harbour.

The ship Ancylus docked in Norrtälje harbour yesterday.

The photo (which looks like it was taken on a smartphone) shows the vessel docked with equipment nearby. The ship was apparently awaiting the arrival of another diesel supply ship for in order to refuel – meanwhile the crew of the Ancylus took advantage of their time ashore and headed off to the pub.


According to Andersson, he spent time chatting with some of the crew who seemed glad to be back on dry land for a while. On hearing the news, frenzied Facebook users encouraged him to find out as much as he could, and so after talking with various crew members it became obvious that they were not up for talking about what they had found.

Interested individuals chatting beside the ship Ancylus..

The team’s website has been close to useless where updates are concerned, with many people resorting to contacting the TV documentary offices out of frustration in an effort to find out more.


Meanwhile the group’s Facebook page went into meltdown overnight as it’s membership surged by a few thousand people. Frustratingly, the rapid influx of newbies making pointless postings and going over old ground has derailed what was a very cohesive group. The newbies were also joined by a seemingly endless procession of trolls peddling incorrect information from various blogs looking for sensationalist headlines.


Although there is a great deal of frustration at present among people desperate to know what the object is, it is widely thought that the team want to properly and scientifically document what they have found before any announcement is made.


The facts again.

  • There are THREE objects of interest – the main circular anomaly, a smaller secondary object like a “Gothic church window” 200 metres away and a 90ft high and 900ft wide rock outcrop with a crack running through it some 1500 metres South. The team have stated they are not really interested in the second anomaly, although the reason for this is unclear, given that it may be a fragment of the main anomaly that broke off on impact.
  • The objects lie in 80-85 metres depth of water.
  • Visibility is 2-3 feet maximum.
  • The object is 60 metres (approx 200ft wide) roughly equivalent to the wingspan of Boeing 747.
  • The main circular anomaly is not a rock formation.
  • Russian and US Navy ships are NOT looking for the object, nor are they blocking the OceanX team – this is unsubstantiated rumour. The annual BALTOPS operation has nothing to do with the OceanX exploration.

If you want to keep up to date on events as they happen then the best source of information is the OceanX Facebook page.


Craig is a freelance writer and researcher studying and writing about the UFO phenomenon, remote viewing, free energy, and other strange phenomena for over 20 years. He is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.