Yesterday, Swede, Dennis Aäsberg (Co-Owner of the Ocean Explorer team), posted a very intriguing statement via Facebook.


“What have happened here [in Panama] will make headlines across the globe as soon as we release the news. We are presently the happiest guys in the world! This is a sensation and no one has accomplished what we have done here before. All will be presented shortly.” – Dennis Aasberg

Baltic Anomaly Sensation

The OceanX Team hit the headlines last year when they located a massive undiscovered anomaly on the seabed. Nicknamed the “Baltic Anomaly”, the story became a global sensation almost overnight with major news networks chasing them ever since and a documentary now close to being released – footage of which has given the team “goose bumps” due to the eerily artificial and constructed nature of the object.


Rendering of the Baltic Anomaly by German artist and illustrator Hauke Vagt

Since the story broke, the team have made another two voyages to the undisclosed location somewhere in the Gulf of Bothnia to dive on the anomaly in an attempt to explain what it may be.   Although the first voyage presented some opportunities for discovery and filming they were no closer to finding out the true nature of what they had found. Visibility in some places is down to only a couple of feet.

Latest rendering of the anomaly by Hauke Vagt

Latest rendering of the anomaly by Hauke Vagt

The second voyage some months later was widely anticipated, especially as the team had brought better and more sophisticated equipment with them. Additionally, there were plans to dive on the second anomaly which lay a few hundred metres off the main object.  After all the anticipation though, equipment failure, and extremely stormy conditions in the Baltic cut short the trip and left the team disappointed and no closer to the truth. However, they did manage to bring back some multi-beam sonar images which clearly show what look like walls, corridors, and straight edges many metres long. Other intriguing images show perfectly round holes inside a perfect square frame, again these are in excess of two metres wide.  Even the most sceptical are being pushed to their limits in trying to account for a natural explanation.


Straight walls and right angles many tens of metres long.

Straight walls and right angles many tens of metres long.

“I promise all of you if there is a door,we will open it …. and no one can stop us.” – Dennis Aasberg


The guys from the OceanX team do not give up easily. They have made it their mission to uncover the truth of what lies in 80 metres of icy water of the Gulf of Bothnia, somewhere near the Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland. During the winter months vast amounts of sea-ice descend from the North and the trip to the anomaly becomes impossible – however the team have already committed themselves firmly to finally putting an end to the mystery when the warmer weather moves back and the sea-ice retreats.


Stone Samples

The limited stone samples that they managed to collect were examined by a local University and found to be “volcanic rock and granite” and “volcanic rocks is not necessarily from a volcano”, which is interesting in itself  when every geologist they have spoken with has insisted that this whole area is NON-VOLCANIC. If so, then how did volcanic rocks get here?


Panama Opportunity

Co-Founders Dennis Aasberg and Peter of the OceanX Team have been invited to Panama lately to see if they can assist in other treasure hunting projects. They arrived on Wednesday to conduct some extremely interesting discussions with Panamanian officials in regards to high-value salvage operations in previously restricted Panamanian waters. With over $60 Billion estimated in sunken treasure still  salvageable in the world’s Ocean’s, Panama is a very lucrative opportunity.


Before the team left for Panama, OceanX co-founder Dennis Aasberg had this to say:


“Soon we go to Panama, which will be very interesting. With regard to the object in the Baltic Sea, we wait until the ice is gone and the weather is good, but it is hard to wait, it could be something BIG!. object shape and lines, holes and exposed to high heat and event it is not normal. if it is constructed, I think YES, Who could have constructed the object ?. what it is, we’re working on it and will find the answer.”


Well, let’s see. Here I am! I’m sitting here in the Ancylus right now, in Norrtälje. It’s Monday. Last week, we were in Prague. The reason we were in Prague is that we had a meeting with a representative who has a wide network of contacts with the Panamainan decision-making organ. A real entrepreneur and visionary, a colorful character that were amazing to talk to, the experiences he had just left me… well, it was terrific fun!

What we have in store, possibly, and I hope it will happen, is that we are going to Panama to dive on wrecks there. And the prerequisites to be able to dive there, is that we need authorization from the Panamanian Indian tribes. The waters belong to them, umm… and so far no one has ever gotten permission to do this, to dive there. The last person who were diving there, I think.. was.. kicked out, rumor says.. that was Brad Pitt and his crew. What he was doing there? I have no idea, but that’s what I’ve heard.

These waters are sacred to them, um… and the treasures lying there belongs to them. They haven’t recovered them, and there are lots of reasons for that, which I don’t need to account for now, but.. The treasures are still there. And this is cargoes of gold, and diamonds, and silver. But, we’re talking HUGE quantities of it. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries much of the gold came from South America and was shipped across the waters to Spain, and Europe.

Lots and lots of ships have been shipwrecked outside the Panamanian coastline. And for us to receive this offer, to meet with these people, and present what we can accomplish, that’s just.. fantastic! It’s unreal that we’re given this chance…If we’re given this chance, which it seems we will get.

And now we’re talking about *extreme* opportunities, also for the object we found in the Baltic Sea last year. That case just seems hopeless to raise money for, and develop… it’s.. well it’s like I’ve said so many times. We’re FAR from done with that. FAR from done! If we are to make something of that, we need financial backing. And if sponsors are unwilling, or a bit worried, well then we will have to do this ourselves! That’s what we’ll have to do! We can do this! That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time. But! We’ll do it OUR way. The way we do things best.

We will go over to Panama and find out if they are interested (which they of course are), and that we land a deal there. We’ll be the first to have a deal with the Panamanian Indians, and to make this happen. This will -of course- bring in an incredible amount of money. But it’s also a good thing, from our point of view, to be able to recover this, and contribute with our know-how. And much of this money will go towards schools, hospitals, development and so on, in Panama. It doesn’t get better than that! And a small amount will go to us, so that we’re able to develop this company, get more effective, and have better equipment, and continue around the world to explore the ocean floors. Because that’s what we’re good at!

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Aasberg - founders of the OceanX team.

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Aasberg – Treasure hunters and founders of the OceanX team.

So that’s how it is! That’s why we were in Prague. To attend the first meeting. Prague, by the way, is an incredible.. I can highly recommend it! Go to Prague! Incredibly beautiful city! What an architecture! The buildings they have over there! The Old Town in Prague is fantastic! The great churches… catholic churches that are totally amazing, amazing buildings! So that’s highly recommended. And also, the beer is very tasty! Well, for those of you who likes beer. That’s that about Prague and the meeting we had…

 *Thank-you to Mikael Granqvist for the Swedish-English translation above.

Only a few hours ago Dennis posted this photo of the team’s meeting with their new friends in Panama



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