The trend of taking DNA swabs from innocent parties, adding it to huge databases and then refusing to delete the DNA data continues.


From the Daily Mail


Almost 165,000 innocent people are estimated to have been added to the police DNA database in the past three years. Despite Coalition promises to wipe the records of those not guilty of crimes, a report suggests that this has so far not happened in the majority of cases.


Between 2009 and 2011, the figures show that 986,767 people were added to the DNA database in total, according to a survey of police forces. This includes the profiles of the convicted and those who were arrested but were later cleared or never charged with a crime in the first place.


Worryingly, the majority of the 51 forces surveyed across the UK were unwilling or unable to say how many of the profiles belonged to innocent people. But overall one in six profiles on the police DNA database is estimated to belong to an innocent person.

If this percentage applies to the latest figures, it would mean almost 165,000 people added between 2009 and 2011 were innocent. Yet according to civil liberties and privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, which carried out the survey, only 15,966 of the profiles added in the past three years – less than  2 per cent – have been deleted from the database.

The figures – obtained under a Freedom of Information request – also show that 67,946 of the profiles added in that time belong to children aged between ten and 15. Britain’s DNA database is already the largest per head of population in the world, holding around six million profiles.Currently, in England and Wales, the DNA of everyone arrested for a recordable offence is retained by the police, regardless of whether they were charged or convicted.

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