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Aerial Drones To Patrol Beaches

Posted on September 16, 2012

“Surf Life Saving Australia says unmanned aerial drones will patrol some Queensland beaches this summer.”     From ABC News..   The organisation’s head, Brett Williamson, says the drones will be used on North Stradbroke Island in a trial of the technology. He has told Radio National’s Background Briefing program the drones, which have a wingspan of one metre, use cameras to search for swimmers in distress. Mr Williamson says the drones will be fitted with flotation buoys that can be dropped down to the ocean.   “At the end of the day this is about public safety,” he said.   “It’s not about intruding on anybody’s privacy and, fortunately, with our experience of having the fixed cameras network we haven’t had one problem…

Wikipedia Editor Bias Gets In The Way Of Facts

Posted on September 9, 2012

Wikipedia again proving that the personal bias and mindset of certain page editors wins over factual content.  So many examples of this that it’s becoming an epidemic – surely Wikipedia has had its time and should now do the right thing and shutdown.   Renowned author Philip Roth has criticised Wikipedia after he was unable to convince the site to change an entry about one of his novels.   From the BBC…   Roth tried to tell Wikipedia about an error in the entry for his novel The Human Stain, published in 2000. But the site’s administrators initially refused to amend the entry, saying they required a second source.   The prize-winning US author, 79, is famed for his tales of Jewish life, relationships…

Bleating 9-11 Sheep

Posted on May 6, 2012

Does anyone apart from pigeons really still believe the official account of the events of September 11th 2001?   Sadly, it appears that many still do.  It’s always disappointing to see people defend the official story when all the evidence supports quite a different version of events.  If you ever wanted to do a study of just how effective the mainstream indoctrination and programming is then 9-11 is a prime example.   The latest story in the Daily Mail about 5 terror suspects on trial at a military tribunal is crammed with the comments of so many sheeple that it’s quite alarming – even some disturbing comments advocating the use of state sponsored torture without trial.   “Why bother with a trial the man…


Posted on April 25, 2012

Welcome to our brand new site – Truthfall.  First of all, thank-you for being so patient while we built the site and got everything up and running.  As well as writing articles and posting news items of interest, we will be interviewing key people in the subject areas we aim to cover. The subject matters shown on our teaser page is not an exhaustive list, but merely a starting point and should give you a flavour of the kind of subjects we will be writing about.  We will go where the information takes us and this will no doubt evolve over time.   Craig Brown (Editor) Craig Brown Craig is a freelance writer and researcher studying and writing about the UFO phenomenon, remote viewing,…