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G20: Fortress Brisbane – Snipers, Missiles and Naked Body Scanners

Posted on July 23, 2012

Surface to air missiles, sniper teams, roadblocks and combat aircraft and a host of other Orwellian security measures will descend on the city for the 2014 G20 summit.   Brisbane train commuters could also face humiliating and degrading American TSA style naked body scanners which look set to be introduced on trains for the upcoming G20 Summit in 2014. Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, Australia will play host to the world leaders including US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2014 as it hosts the summit at the Brisbane Exhibition and Conference Centre.   The Convention Centre backs onto a vital commuter rail route through the city as well as a major…

Fukushima: Radioactive Tuna Anyone?

Posted on June 4, 2012

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the quality of advice people are receiving through the media. Apparently it’s now OK to have your tuna with some seasoning caesium! The BBC reports:   Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to have radioactive contamination from last year’s Fukushima nuclear accident.   The fish would have picked up the pollution while swimming in Japanese waters, before then moving to the far side of the ocean. Scientists stress that the fish are still “perfectly safe to eat.” (surely not, Ed.)   All the fish examined in the study showed elevated levels of radioactive caesium – the isotopes 134 and 137. Caesium-137 is present in seawater anyway as a result of the…

Myth Busted: Vaccinations Are Not Immunizations

Posted on May 17, 2012

There is a rather worrying mindset that is propagated by some of the more sheep-like individuals out there. The perception seems to be that  in order to survive in life, one has to be vaccinated against every possible disease known to man. An over reliance by individuals that whatever ailment they manage to acquire, big pharma has the solution to their problems in the form of a hypodermic needle.  “Natural immunity you say – what is that?”   Natural News Reports… “There is only one kind of immunity and that is natural immunity which is achieved by battling the infectious diseases itself. Vaccination is merely the artificial triggering of temporary responses to manmade pathogens. Vaccines are both harmful and dangerous and are leading to…