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Area 51 – BBC Film Crew Arrested At Gunpoint

Posted on October 12, 2012

A BBC documentary film crew has been held at gunpoint for over three hours while trying to sneak into the world’s most famous secret base – Area 51, otherwise known as Groom Lake / Dreamland. The Groom Lake facility has no perimeter fence to keep out intruders, but instead uses a network of hidden sensors and cameras that can detect when anyone crosses onto the base. Private security guards also patrol in unmarked jeeps.   Documentary maker Darren Perks and his film crew were arrested at gunpoint while filming ”UFO: Conspiracy Road Trip’ documentary, which airs next Monday; the footage will show the incident where they are arrested at gunpoint.   They were forced to lie on the ground for three hours as guards…

Porton Down Scientist Found Dead

Posted on April 22, 2012

What is it about scientists working at Porton Down that make them want to commit suicide?   Just recently, the body of Dr Richard Holmes, 48, was found in a field only 4 miles away, and in very similar circumstances to the now infamous “suicide” of UK weapons inspector to Iraq, Dr David Kelly back in 2003. Holmes too, was a weapons scientist working at the government’s secret chemical warfare laboratory, until he resigned a few weeks ago.   Porton Down in Wiltshire, England, is situated on some 7,000 acres and  is home to the UK’s CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) defence establishment. Porton Down has always been a highly secretive facility, with much of the work that goes on there protected from…