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It’s been more than 2 years now since I last wrote about the mysterious ET Dragonfly Drones. My previous witness ‘Mary’ told me of how she encountered one of these intimidating craft sitting silentl and motionless in the air only feet away outside her mother’s apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981 (the earliest recorded sighting so far).


Incredibly, Mary had been contacted by the infamous whistle-blower, ‘Isaac’ NEARLY FIFTEEN YEARS BEFORE his letter to Coast to Coast AM where he revealed that he had worked as a scientist to back-engineer this same non-human technology, and in particular to try and decipher the strange hieroglyphic symbol ‘language’.

“I walked back across the room to look outside to see what had caused the shadow, and there was THIS thing! It was not moving, not making a sound, just…there. I just stood there for a few seconds to try to wrap my head around what I was seeing…what WAS I seeing?” — Mary

Despite being a newly uncovered witness to the phenomena, Mary’s experience of the drones occurred way back in 1981, and so the drone story has long been considered a UFO cold-case with the most recent documented sightings in the timeline occurring some eight years ago in 2008.

Drone overhead. Photo by Rajman1977 taken in the town of Campbell, CA in May 2007

Drone overhead. Photo by Rajman1977 taken in the town of Campbell, CA in May 2007

New Witness


But now in 2016, I have a brand new witness, whose remarkable account you will read in a moment.  My new witness is highly significant for this reason; his account of what he saw suggests the mysterious dragonfly drones are still active in our skies and perhaps more disturbingly, have been ever-present here on earth, with purpose unknown.


“I do now think — are these things everywhere and people just don’t know it? And if so, how long have they been up there?” — Mike


The Drone Phenomenon


The drone story and timeline of events is quite complex, so before diving straight in, it would be a good idea to bring this new eyewitness testimony into context and look at a quick potted history on how this whole saga has unfolded.


There are witness accounts of Dragonfly Drones beginning in 1981, but the drones only came to widespread attention in 2006 when a series of very detailed and clear daytime photographs of the unusual craft emerged – the photos were taken by a central California resident calling himself ‘Chad’ — he and his wife were hiking near Los Gatos (originally reported as Bakersfield), when they noticed the craft ‘hovering’ close above. It ‘flew’ over the top of them very slowly and Chad managed to take several clear daytime pictures. Chad sent those images to the popular paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM in an effort to try and understand what exactly he and his wife had seen.


The photographs also made their way to investigative reporter Linda Moulton-Howe who began reporting the unfolding events in a series of articles about this strange new phenomenon. I was intrigued by the many bizarre aspects of the case such as the strange self-activating symbol ‘language’, the clarity of the images and how these new sightings were of craft never previously described in any of the literature, and so I began following the story very closely.


There seemed to be no letup after that first sighting, as throughout 2006 and 2007 the sightings continued when, one after one, more than a dozen witnesses reported and photographed the strange drone craft throughout the United States, with sightings particularly clustered in California for some reason. Eyewitnesses described encounters with objects having a “ring body” with various “appendages”, and a long single ‘wing’ or “boom-like” protuberance similar to a long ceiling fan blade. In most cases the craft appeared stationery or very slow moving, silent, emitting no sound except sometimes a static, crackling, similar to high voltage electricity usually accompanied by the feeling of a static charge in the air.  The majority of the witnesses observed and photographed these strange craft as they ‘hovered’ just feet above trees or power poles in suburban streets while others observed them slowly gliding or rotating over the tops of tress in state forested areas. It seemed as though not a month went by without a new report and a new eyewitness account.


Isaac & PACL


Then in June 2007, and after many witness accounts had emerged, a webpage appeared written by someone calling himself Isaac. In a long letter published on the same page, Isaac told of how he was a scientist on the project and how he knew all about the strange drones people were seeing. ‘Isaac’ was a pseudo-name he was using to protect his identity as a whistle-blower. As well as his letter explaining his role within the drone project, Isaac had also published a cache of leaked documents and photographs allegedly from the highly secretive USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Project) he worked on in Palo Alto, California. Isaac claimed he could identify the strange craft and symbol language the witnesses were seeing as he himself had been closely involved in back-engineering them as part of the classified project he had been a part of. That unacknowledged project was named C.A.R.E.T – Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology. The project was operated out of what was made to look like a normal Silicon Valley computer / tech office building, but inside, teams of scientists protected by intense security were attempting to reverse-engineer and understand the non-human technology – a process known as ‘extraction’. An archive copy of the original Isaac webpage can be found here.


According to Isaac, the “extraction” of the non-human technology proved extremely difficult despite the computing and manpower resources available to the scientists.  The strange technology and artifacts contained no apparent circuitry or wiring but appeared simply as solid objects, however it appeared that the objects had their function mapped out on a molecular level such that by placing the object in a particular field it would ‘self-activate’ and assume it’s role or function. The concept is extremely difficult to grasp but it was emphasised by Isaac that the special symbols found on the objects needed to be in an exact sequence, in perfect proportions and detail, and together with the correct field applied, the object would then function as intended.


Commercialise Non-Human Technology


According to Isaac, the whole idea behind the C.A.R.E.T project was to take this technology of non-human origin and figure out how it worked so that it could be back engineered into commercially viable products and mainstream technologies which would ultimately be patented and released for public consumption. The profits would then be funneled straight back into those unacknowledged black projects.


During Isaac’s time there from 1984-1987, neither he nor the many other scientists working there were ever informed precisely where the technology they were working on originated – they were only told that it was non-human in origin. Isaac and the other scientists worked on their own or in very small groups like any other secure compartmentalised project, but eventually the lack of background information on the items they were given to work with, together with the ruthless compartmetalisation led to a lot of frustration with their military bosses.


Frustrated, Isaac chose to leave the project, but before he did, he managed to smuggle out a cache of documentation including the photographs and scans. One of the documents which was published was called the Q4-86 Research Document (4th quarter of 1986) which outlined four particular technologies being worked on by the scientists at the Palo Alto Caret Laboratories, (known as PACL).


Those four technologies listed in the Q4-86 document were listed as follows:

  1. Personal Anti-Gravity Generator.
  2. Three Dimensional Image Recorder / Projector.
  3. A complex system of symbols and geometric constructs capable of both defining the functionality of artifacts as well as manipulating their behaviour, crudely analogous to a computer programming language, but without the need for a compilation / interpretation phase.
  4. Item 4 – had been blacked out [by PACL] and was unreadable.

The photograph below shows one of the key artifacts worked on by PACL which utilised gravity modification. The image which was taken directly from the Q4-86 Research Document shows an object with a multi-ring body and appendages. Beside the main object are two smaller ‘i-beams’. When the main object was activated in the presence of a particular field the i-beams would literally snap into position around the object – it would appear as if there was open space between the parts, but they would actually be invisibly ‘interconnected’ with as much strength as if they were both part of the same solid object. Obviously, this concept is very difficult to grasp based on our limited human understanding of gravity manipulation and the quantum world, but that is essentially the claim.


However outlandish this concept may seem at first, I  am at this point reminded of a quote by the great author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke — his insightful quote made many decades ago gives a glorious perspective on the perceived boundaries of our own human technological limitations — “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Not a truer word spoken, and in the case of the drone technology it surpassed our limited human technological boundaries and our imagination of the possible.

Drone technology close up with hieroglyphic symbols. Image taken from the Q4-86 Research document allegedly smuggled out of the CARET facility and published by Isaac.

Drone technology close up with hieroglyphic symbols. Image taken from the Q4-86 Research document allegedly smuggled out of the CARET facility and published by Isaac.

Photos showing the non-human technology taken from the Q4-86 document allegedly smuggled out of the C.A.R.E.T facility.

Photos showing the non-human technology taken from the Q4-86 document allegedly smuggled out of the C.A.R.E.T facility.

Cold Case


I continued to follow the Dragonfly Drone story vehemently, looking out for new reports and witness accounts — hoping for a breakthrough, but then as 2008 drew to a close and after many months of inactivity, the sightings seemed to dry-up.  I wondered for several years, perhaps like many of you, if that would be the last we’d ever hear of the Dragonfly Drones. I had to acknowledge the possibility that whatever or whoever was behind the strange phenomenon had possibly suspended or even terminated the program, possibly due to all the unwanted attention.


Perhaps more chillingly, was the thought that ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ were, may have finally perfected the occasionally malfunctioning cloaking technology, and that the drones were still operating in our atmosphere with impunity — but only now completely undetectable.


In 2013,  I took the search for new information into my own hands and so began writing about the drones —  my hope was that it would result in new information and / or witnesses coming to light. To my delight, it did just that – and in spectacular fashion.


My first witness is probably one of the most significant of all time, not because of her sighting, but for the fact she had a unique contact from the mysterious ‘Isaac’ many years after her sighting. ‘Mary’ had contacted me after seeing the image of the Chad drone,  which according to her was eerily similar to the photograph she had taken herself decades before. She had now come forward with her story after an astonishing 34 years — previously choosing to share her strange experience only with close friends and family.


In 1981 when visiting with her husband at her mother’s apartment building in Phoenix Arizona, she had gone into her mother’s bedroom, then had went to leave but then noticed a large shadow outside the bedroom window. When she looked out she was shocked to discover one of these craft silently hovering only a few feet above outside the window.  As I mentioned previously, ‘Mary’s encounter in 1981 was remarkable in itself for many reasons. Hers is not only the first recorded sighting in the timeline but she is also the only known witness to have ever been contacted by the mysterious ‘Isaac’, who in his one-time only email to Mary, gave her some unique insights into the nature of the dragonfly drone phenomenon.


You can read my entire report on Mary’s encounter with the drones and contact with Isaac here. My report was also published by Linda Moulton-Howe on her Earthfiles website in 2014. ( View original screenshots here – one,two).


My thought as soon as I saw it was – what the hell is that thing?” — Mike



As of the time of writing I am now in the peculiar position of uncovering both the oldest (1981) and newest (2015) witness sightings with the timeline of Dragonfly Drones accounts now stretching from 1981 to 2015  - an astonishing 34 years!


Listed below are the core dragonfly drone sightings in date order – not necessarily in the order they were reported. Some are listed as anonymous or as pseudo-names as they have professional careers they need to protect or do not want any unwanted intrusion into their families lives.


“Mary” – Phoenix, AZ. 1981

Anonymous – Barksdale AFB, CA. 1987

Ned White – Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ. Oct 1995

Jane – Hartshorne, OK. (2 X sightings) June 2003

Shirley P. – Sequoia National Park, May 2005

Mr Smith – Birmingham, AL. May 2006

Mother and two kids – Yosemite National Park, CA. June 2007

Husband and wife – Lake Tahoe, CA. May 2007

Chad – Los Gatos, CA. May 11th 2007

Rajinder Satyanarayana, Capitola, CA. May 20th 2007

Stephen – Saratoga, CA. June 6th 2007

Ty B (and 7 friends) – Big Basin, Saratoga, CA. June 7th 2007

Brent Yearout – Camas, WA. June 7th 2007

“Ted Connors” – Montgomery, AL. June 25th 2007

Isaac June 25th 2007 – Palo Alto / C.A.R.E.T / PACL

Anonymous ( report) – Tomball, TX. June 19th, 2007

Melody Thaxton – Van Buren, AR. Nov 2007

“David Smith” — north of Cincinnati OH, Jun 6th 2008

Anonymous ( report) – Hendersonville, TN. August 4th 2008

NEW WITNESS Mike Nicols – Little Rock, AR. April 9th, 2015


New Witness


In April 2013 I setup a Dragonfly Drones Facebook Page as an additional contact point for anyone who had information to share. Already, the page has been very successful as several important witnesses including Mary have come forward via this channel, and on June 17th — I received a brand new message…


 “Don’t know if you still follow this or even if this helps. I have no photo evidence but in early April 2015 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I saw one of these things. It was a little different from the ones you have pictures of but it did have the long arm and circles. I just now found your site. I have researched this after I seen it and found that some say it’s a hoax. What I saw was real.”


So for the first time in nearly EIGHT YEARS I have a RECENT witness to the Dragonfly Drone phenomenon.


My new witness had his sighting a little over a year ago on April 9th, 2015 and is the first newly documented sighting since 2008. He is very protective of his family and so understandably, does not want any unnecessary attention brought to them.  So to honour his request for anonymity, and for the purposes of telling his eyewitness account I will call him ‘Mike Nichols ’.


Mike is a 49 year old single father of two who lives in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas.


Little Rock is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Arkansas. The city derives its name from a rock formation along the river named “La Petite Roche” by the French in 1799. The 2013 census had the population listed at around 725,000.


I began by asking Mike what the circumstances were around his encounter with one of these strange Dragonfly Drones?


“I left the house a little before dusk, still light out — to run to the store. I live in a suburban neighborhood with a lot of trees. Not highly populated.


I pulled up to the stop sign to pull out [onto] the main road when I saw a big drone like thing – flying/gliding? — about 20 feet above the tree line — I had my window down and actually stuck my head out and watched it go right over the top of me”.


What was the exact location of the stop sign where you had the sighting?


“The stop sign I was at when it passed over me was the cross section of Manor Ave and Colonel Glenn Road. I was on Manor Avenue waiting to take a left on Colonel Glenn Road. I saw it passing  above the parking lot of that day-care centre going southwest passing over me and over some tall trees back behind on the right rear of my vehicle. I saw it immediately when I came to the stop sign”.


Stop Sign

Facing north – The stop sign on Manor Avenue where Mike had stopped his car waiting to turn onto Colonel Glenn Road – Click photo to enlarge.

To the left in the photo - the childcare centre with it's parking lot over which Mike first saw the drone.

To the left in the photo – the childcare centre with it’s parking lot over which Mike first saw the drone.

Facing West - the parking lot over which Mike saw the drone can be seen with a number of cars in it.

Facing West – the parking lot over which Mike saw the drone can be seen with a number of parked cars.

Can you remember what your first thoughts were when you saw it?


“I thought as soon as I saw it was – what the hell is that thing? And even thought to myself I don’t think I’m supposed to see this thing. The total time I saw it was maybe about 10 seconds. I stuck my head out the window as it passed over my van. I actually released my seat-belt so I could stretch further out the window”.


Was anyone else with you when you witnessed it?


“I was alone in my vehicle when I saw it”.


What size would you estimate it to be?


“It was a little bigger than my Dodge Grand Caravan, with the long arm”.

A Dodge Grand Caravan - 5.15 metres long

A Dodge Grand Caravan – 5.15 metres long

Editor’s Note: Mike was sitting at the stop sign in his Dodge Grand Caravan at the time. A Dodge Grand Caravan is a 7 seater minivan (The specifications on the Dodge website has the overall length of a 2016 model at 202.8 inches long (5.15 metres or 16.9 feet long).


How fast did it appear to be moving?


“I can’t tell you the speed but it wasn’t fast – just more of a glide speed. Didn’t seem fast enough to stay aloft or the shape of it would not be able to stay aloft”.


How far away would you estimate it was and how high up?


“I’m guessing the trees it passed over are about 65 to 70 feet tall and I would say it was about 20 feet above them”.


How did it move? – Did it stop or rotate at any point?


“It didn’t rotate at all when I saw it. The main body of it was just as wide as my Dodge Grande Caravan. It had a long like arm that extended out at the direction of south. Which like I said before it moved southeast, which seemed kind of weird. It made it seem to me it flew/glided diagonal to the long arm. It never did stop or hover. It was like a steady glide. Not fast though at all. It didn’t even seem fast enough to even stay aloft; especially for its size”.


Did you notice if anyone else saw it – maybe other drivers or pedestrians perhaps?


“There were cars coming on Colonel Glenn Road and after it passed over I actually was looking at the different drivers faces to see if they were looking up at it too. Which it didn’t seem like they saw it, no one was looking up. I even said out loud to myself — “Are you kidding me? Nobody sees this thing?!”


“After I lost sight of it I pulled out to the left and actually pulled right into the day-care to turn around and head back down Manor Avenue to see if I could see where it went, but the trees get a lot denser that way and I never could see it again”.

Looking south down Manor Avenue. After pulling out and turning at the childcare centre on Colonel, Mike headed back down this road to see if he could find the drone.

Looking south down Manor Avenue. After pulling out and turning at the childcare centre on Colonel, Mike headed back down this road to see if he could find the drone.

Drone first seen moving above parking lot - then glided over Manor Avenue and disappeared over the tops of the trees to the south east.

Drone first seen moving above parking lot – then glided over Manor Avenue and disappeared over the tops of the trees to the south east.

Aerial View of the Drone's path as it crosses the parking lot on Colonel Glenn Road, then across Manor Avenue and finally disappears over the tops of the trees to the south east.

Aerial View of the Drone’s path as it crosses the parking lot on Colonel Glenn Road, then across Manor Avenue and finally disappears over the tops of the trees to the south east.

Past witnesses have described an electrostatic hum or static crackling noise when they were in close proximity to these things.  Did you feel or hear anything as it passed over?


“I can’t really say I felt anything, but my ears actually felt funny. Not like they needed to pop, but kind of like I was in a vacuum like maybe something like a hyperbaric chamber? It also did not make any sound at all that I could tell”.


Editor’s Note: A hyperbaric chamber is a piece of equipment used to increase the atmospheric pressure. A sealable diving chamber, closed bell or dry bell is a pressure vessel with hatches large enough for people to enter and exit, and a compressed breathing gas supply to raise the internal air pressure. Such chambers provide a supply of oxygen for the user, and are usually called hyperbaric chambers whether used underwater or at the water surface or on land to produce underwater pressures.” – Wikipedia


How would you describe this object?


It was shiny metallic. I got a perfect view of it as it passed over me for the lack of trees. It seemed like a shiny like metal. But not like chrome or stainless steel or aluminum. I just thought at the time in my head like something futuristic. It didn’t have anything hanging from the bottom. I have thought often about actually what was the length of the long arm. I would say 12ft to 14ft. I wish i could be more precise. The smaller arms about 6 ft. — these lengths I am not accounting for any circles”.


In some cases witnesses have described the strange symbol ‘language’ etched onto the underside of the arm-like appendages and body. Did you happen to notice if it had markings of any kind?


“At the time I didn’t notice any markings. I think it was probably a little too high up for me to see any. I’m 49 and don’t wear glasses. I don’t have bad vision, but my eyes are not like they were when I was younger”.


“I so wish I got a picture. At the time my camera’s glass lens was broken out on my cell phone and couldn’t take pictures. I was kicking myself for not having it fixed as it was going over me. The long arm in that picture is so what still sticks in my mind”.

A closeup of an image from 2007 showing the 'long-arm' that Mike is referring to. Also visible are the strange characters / symbol language.

A closeup of an image by a different witness from 2007 showing the ‘long-arm’ that Mike is referring to. Also visible are the strange characters / symbol language.

Did you notice if it had lights of any kind?


“It seemed maybe like it was illuminated, but not. It was like right before dusk so the sun was still up. But I wouldn’t say it was reflecting sunlight or it had its own lights either, if that makes any sense”.


I sent Mike four photographs of Dragonfly Drones taken by different witnesses over the years and asked him to identify the closest match to what he saw in Little Rock that day in April 2015 – he identified the closest match as the photographs taken by witness Tyler Branigan [Ty B.] near Saratoga, in Big Basin California on June 11th 2007.


Big Basin Drone. Photo by Ty B.

Big Basin Drone. Mike confirmed that this photo was the closest match to what he saw in Little Rock that day. Original photo credit by Ty B.


Can you indicate which one of the photos I sent you are most like the one you saw?


“Of the pictures you sent it was closest to the biggest bulky one [the Ty B. photograph]. But it was different. When I found that picture of the biggest one on Google I was like – that’s pretty damn close. If you go to my photo section on Facebook you can see that I posted the same picture the day I saw it on April, 9 2015. I did not notice any symbols though”.


“Like I said before, it was about 20 feet over the tree line. I turned around and went home and searched the internet looking for military drones but couldn’t find nothing like it. I knew they don’t make drones that big unless they are aircraft shape. Then I found the picture above on the internet; and it’s pretty close to what I saw. It was a little different though but the basics are there. I think the one I saw was bigger. The long arm is what really stands out. It also had the circles”.


“It had another like two other arms on it not as long as the main big like arm and one of them I know had like a circle thing if not two on/in like the one in the picture. I don’t think the long arm one had any circular things on/in it though. I couldn’t honestly tell you how many circle-like things it had now. But 3-5 would be my best guess of various sizes. It didn’t have the big thing hanging from the bottom like the one in the picture. I’m not saying though it had a smooth level bottom either, just not nothing as big or low hanging below it as the one in the picture. In the center it seemed to have a lot more to it than the one in the picture. It was like you couldn’t see hardly any sky through the center of it, but it wasn’t like one solid body either. It was like varied size and shape compartment like things? Like the whitish like boxes on the one in the picture. The long arm like thing is still what I remember most”.


All of the previous drone sightings mention a tall circular crown of wires on the top. I asked Mike if he happened to notice anything on the top of the object during his sighting.


“It did have a lot of something on the top of it. Actually if you turned the one in the picture [above] upside down, the top of the one I saw resembled more of what the bottom crown looked like. But it had even more to it. Like I said before though It didn’t have anything hanging from the bottom”.


A previous witnesses was once contacted by the ex-scientist whistle-blower who claims to have worked on back-engineering these things – have you ever been approached by anyone called Isaac over your sighting?


“No. I only told family and a few close friends til now. I would freak out if something like that happened.”


Did you ever report your sighting to anyone — MUFON for example?


“No, I did not contact MUFON or anyone of that nature. I would never want much attention to me and my children”.


Have you ever had a UFO sighting before?


“I have never seen a UFO or anything like I saw before or since. I will confess that every once in a while when I’m outside I get the feeling something is above me since that day, even though nothing is there. I’m sure it’s just me though on that. But it did leave a lasting impression on me though. I still try to find info on this”.

“I didn’t get the feeling it was “Alien” when I saw it. But I just don’t think we had that technology? And as I said before I live in Little Rock Arkansas, so I don’t know why something like that would be here. Anyway I know what I saw. I can say since that day I have a different perspective on things like this”.


What do you think their purpose is — do you think the reason for the drones being in our skies is good or bad?


“Since I saw what I did last year it has had an affect on me —I’m not saying life changing, but more of trying to find out exactly what it was and what is it’s purpose.  That’s what has really kept me wondering all this time. I do know when I was watching this thing go over me I was thinking to myself — I don’t think I’m supposed to be seeing this!  I do now think, are these things everywhere and people just don’t know it? And if so, how long have they been up there? Why was it so close to the treeline? Are they collecting information? If so, why? Can they see inside homes? Are they just testing top secret craft? Who are they? Scientist? Military? All of these are my thoughts. I go back and forth on good or bad intent.”


“They basically wanted us to turn these artefacts into something they could patent and sell. One of C.A.R.E.T.’s most appealing promises was the revenue generated by these product-ready technologies, which could be funnelled right back into black projects.” – Isaac


Previous Related Sightings – November 2007 June 2003


I think it’s important not to take Mike’s sighting in isolation, but to perhaps look at it in a much wider context.


This is by no means the first sighting of a Dragonfly Drone in this part of continental United States.  In 2007, Melody McIver, a resident of Van Buren, Arkansas described how both she and her sister had individual sightings, but spaced four years apart. Melody had her sighting on November 19th 2007 when she witnessed one of these Dragonfly Drones hovering over a business close to where she worked — it’s worth noting that just like Mike, she too identified the craft in Ty B’s photograph as the closest match to what she saw.


Meanwhile Melody’s sister “Jane”, who lives about 90 miles away in Hartshorne Oklahoma, had two sightings in the same week in 2003,  both while standing on her porch.


“The day was warm and I went out on my porch. I saw what I thought was an airplane. But then, the strange thing got closer and closer and had all kinds of arms and legs on it and spirally things (top wires going up into the air) and lights all over it. And it had writing on it that looked like a foreign language. Then, it just kind of hovered. It didn’t like fly – it just hovered. It stayed in the same spot for several hours. Then I went inside. And I saw it again a couple of days later, but it was in the evening. I don’t remember what time in the evening. It was doing the same thing and it was around the same area. And it just kind of hovers”.

“But their technology is different. It really did operate like the magical piece of paper sitting on a table, in a manner of speaking. They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term I am still using very loosely, is a system of symbols (which does admittedly very much resemble a written language) along with geometric forms and patterns that fit together to form diagrams that are themselves functional.” – Isaac


One of the PACL documents featuring the strange symbol language and constructs capable of self-activation.

One of the PACL documents featuring the strange symbol language and constructs capable of self-activation.

Geographic Link


If you include my new witness Mike, then that makes a total of four separate sightings in the relatively small Fort Smith / Little Rock area. It’s a high concentration of sightings in a relatively small geographic location and there are some comparisons with the wave of California drone sightings in 2006-2007.  The area around Little Rock and further afield appears to be a Dragonfly Drone ‘hotspot’ just as in and around Saratoga, California was in 2006 / 2007.



State Forest Links


What’s especially curious is that a significant proportion of sightings in California have occurred either close to, or inside state forests, and with Mike’s sighting in Little Rock we now have the makings of another drone hotspot— again occurring around yet another state forested area.


The Ouachita National Forest lies in the western portion of Arkansas and portions of eastern Oklahoma. It covers 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and south-eastern Oklahoma and is managed by the USDA Forest Service for multiple uses, including timber and wood production, watershed protection and improvement. It is one of the largest state forests in the United States and in terms of sheer size it ranks 27th largest out of 177 with a land mass greater than the state of Delaware. Source Wikipedia


The ckuster of dragonfly drone sightings around the Ouachita State Forest

The cluster of dragonfly drone sightings around the Ouachita State Forest


I can’t help thinking about the many sightings from 2006-2007 that took place in or close to State Forests.  One in particular stands out – and that is the sighting in Sequoia National Park in 2005 by witness Shirley, who stopped to ask a Park Ranger directions, and while they were chatting, a drone craft moved slowly over the trees.


“We were preparing to leave the park and we were a bit confused as to which road to take to get out of the park and back on a main road heading home. We made a couple of stops to ask directions: first with a park ranger and again later from one of the road repair crews. As I was getting directions from the park ranger this WEIRD THING flew overhead, going at a nice, leisurely pace and reminding me of a dragonfly! I asked the park ranger: “WHAT was THAT?!” to which he replied:
“I’m told it’s some kind of a communications device that’s supposed to help the park service monitor the area for potential problems-stuff like fires and such.” I joked: “So it’s NOT a UFO?’ to which he kind of chuckled and casually said: “a! Nah, I don’t think so!” He was just so CASUAL about the whole thing that I really didn’t give it much thought at the time, and I’d almost FORGOT about it until I read that story posted by a “Chad”. My dad (who was up in his late eighties at that time) never saw it, but I AGAIN spotted it off in the distance as we got directions from the road crew”. — Shirley


The witness was puzzled, but the park ranger didn’t seem phased – he explained it away with casual ease. It all probability he was not a Park Ranger at all, but that he was associated with monitoring / observing the drones in some way – and dressed as such so he would blend in.

A map of continental United States showing the Dragonfly Drone sightings from 1981 to 2015

A map of continental United States showing the Dragonfly Drone sightings from 1981 to 2015

So what exactly are the drones fascination with forests and trees — why are they so frequently sighted in these places? If they can cloak themselves then using trees for ‘cover’ makes no sense. If, as has been previously hypothesized, some secret branch of our govt is trying to jam the drones’ ability to cloak themselves then perhaps staying low and close to trees and power poles somehow shields them from disruption / jamming signals?   Perhaps the trees and the environment are being studied as other witnesses have previously suggested — or are the drones primarily based and operated from underground facilities deep within these areas of state forest? We can only speculate as to the reason at this point.


Ours or ‘Theirs’?


I’ve had a long time to think about this and it’s an interesting discussion as there are solid arguments for BOTH points of view.  There is no doubt in my mind that the original technology and most, if not all, of what has been seen by eye-witnesses over the years is non-human in origin, but there is a strong likelihood that we too have reproduced our own version/s. From Isaac’s information leak we know that there was a project to back-engineer the original tech. Then we have the testimony of the 1987 witness who saw the same drone technology close-up in a hangar at an air-show in Barksdale Air-force Base.


“I saw this thing in a hangar at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, at one of the open house air shows around twenty or so years ago (1987?). It was a static display (mounted on a dolly or cart), and there were people around it (that is, some visitors to the air show). It was a display by some major aerospace contractor. I forget who. A number of us had wandered into the open hangar and were just standing there, looking at it, and at some of the other displays (some air-to-air missiles, I think). There were about three or four hangars with public displays, and this one, or so we all thought, was one of them.


I do have a vague recollection of somebody ‘official’ coming out there and telling a couple of the Air Force guys that the unit wasn’t supposed to be out on PUBLIC display (i.e., apparently it was meant for display to MILITARY PERSONNEL ONLY), and that they needed to get it put out of sight. The military guys then ran everybody (including me) out of the hangar, and closed the doors. There was even a brochure, but I recall only that I may have picked it up briefly and looked at it, then put it back down. It had an artist’s rendering of the unit on display. Unfortunately, I don’t have the brochure. I don’t remember what the thing was called, but it was some kind of surveillance or intelligence gathering drone. I wasn’t that interested in it at the time, just idly curious. (It might have been some sort of ‘concept development’ at that time, and maybe didn’t even work yet. I don’t recall.)” – Barksdale AFB witness, 1987


Drone Disinformation Campaign


In 2006 / 2007 when the news of the drones became widespread, it seemed to become necessary for those keeping the information to downplay and discredit what the public had witnessed.


And as anyone who has any experience of the campaign of denial knows — when it comes to information leaks the sheer volume of agency and other black world sponsored disinformation tactics that surround the UFO / non-human contact phenomenon is utterly staggering.


The overall objective of those protecting the information is to dilute and obfuscate any small nuggets of genuine disclosure that do miraculously break the surface of the quagmire of crapola and get out into the public domain. So in an attempt to control the information where genuine sightings of craft of an unknown origin are taken seriously, there are many underhand techniques employed by those who would rather we know precisely nothing.


Methods of Disinformation


Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that the information to emerge from the PACL facility and the ongoing sightings spanning more than three decades are entirely genuine and that this was one such nugget of unwanted disclosure that despite containment efforts, did manage to break the surface.


It’s a pretty simple equation — the amount of genuine information to seep out of the Dragonfly Drone drone program can be directly measured against the level and intensity of the frantic disinformation efforts occurring at that time.  For example, during the wave of sightings around 2006 – 2007 when the drone sightings were at their peak, the online campaign to discredit witnesses and debunk the truth of the existence of the drones was unrelenting and also quite frankly – blatantly obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.  Disinformation campaigns are rolled out and executed in accordance with unexpected disclosure events like this. They frequently involve multiple avenues of counter-intelligence efforts and are often focused on attempting to ridicule and discredit genuine witness accounts.


There appear to have been two distinct concerns here.  The concealment of the fact that there was a frustrating, but eventually successful, human driven ‘extraction’ program to back-engineer and replicate the drone tech, and secondly, the concealment of the fact that there was at least one parallel non-human originated program. Both that these programs existed, and more importantly, that they were, and still are, ongoing to this day.


In the case of the Dragonfly Drones, ‘they’ (agencies unknown and those protecting the truth of the drone presence here on Earth) went to a whole heap of trouble in their discrediting efforts. This involved creating and releasing multiple hoaxed CGI drone videos which were extremely unconvincing. They went to the trouble of setting up websites to try and convince a now intrigued public that the drones were just a marketing stunt or an outright hoax.  ‘They’ also heavily utilised the services of bought and paid for trolls whose job it was to create confusion by interlacing the story with more falsehoods and layers of misdirection.


These trolls have been, and still are, embedded deep within the UFO subculture. They operate within forums, blogs, social media as well as the traditional print media, radio and television. They conduct counter-intelligence efforts using every available avenue. These targeted and sustained campaigns to obfuscate the truth have been going on for a long long time and no doubt some of the perpetrators of spin have created a veil of respectability within their own sphere of influence such that they would never be accused of perpetrating disinformation.


Fortunately when it comes to the Dragonfly Drones, the sheer volume and variety of independent eyewitness accounts spanning THIRTY-FOUR YEARS and crossing all social groups, locations and ages means that there is now zero chance of any disinfo campaign succeeding. I challenge any rational person to properly immerse themselves in the sea of evidence, read the ever-growing stack of eyewitness accounts and listen to the hours of testimony from so many people, from so many walks of life and then simply dismiss it a hoax.


Quite simply, in the case of the Dragonfly Drones, the information containment effort failed.





To the best of our knowledge these otherworldly drones have been seen in our skies now for more than three decades – and who knows, perhaps they’ve been there, observing humankind for a long long time before we ever became aware of their presence.


Although the original technology Isaac described is of non-human origin, it appears the PACL project may have been successful in its replication efforts and some, not all, may be owned and operated by human intelligence. If so, it is hard to imagine that these occasional forays into populated suburban areas would ever be sanctioned by anyone in their right mind, such is the potential risk of detection. Perhaps then, the incidences of public sightings are primarily of non-human control.


The drones are using a propulsion system that is not recognisable by any known conventional physics – a sort of highly developed electrogravitic system similar to the ‘Biefeld-Brown Effect’. They have the ability to ‘hover’ and glide through the air silently, despite having zero aerodynamic qualities that would enable flight as we would recognise it. They also have the ability to cloak themselves while observing our environment with nearly 100% impunity.


In my last report from 2014 I noted that there had been no new reported sightings since 2008. It very much appeared by the time 2012 had come around that we had probably heard the last of the drone reports. We now know that given this new sighting from 2015 – that the Dragonfly Drone phenomenon is still very much alive and well.


So those confronting questions remain. What purpose do these drones serve, and is their motive here on our planet for good or bad?  Just how long have they been closely observing us and who or what is controlling them?


We must now ponder a potentially chilling scenario. That these ever-present silent surveyors in our skies are the far-reaching exploratory tendrils of some other-worldly intelligence conducting strategic reconnaissance on our planet and that perhaps both we and our Earth have been the subject of this unsettling covert surveillance for a very long time indeed and for reasons yet unknown.


What information do YOU have on these Dragonfly Drones?


I am immensely grateful to Mike for having the courage to share his experience.  Only by new witnesses telling their story do we stand a chance of finding out what these things are, what their purpose is, and WHO or what is controlling them?  I am interested to hear from you if you’ve had your own sighting or if you have any information relating to the drones?


Did you work at the Palo Alto C.A.R.E.T Laboratory or do you know Isaac?  Perhaps you have photos or footage of these drones or other unexplained objects similar to this? Have you been keeping information on this subject to yourself for some time and now want to share it?  Have you seen the strange hieroglyphic symbol language before? I’d also like to hear from you if you were one of the original witnesses from 2006 – 2007. I encourage you to contact me with any information you may think is relevant.


All requests for confidentiality are honored and treated in the strictest confidence.


You can reach me at – or private message through my Dragonfly Drones Facebook Page


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