Today, and for the first time in many years I can share revealing new witness testimony in the search for truth behind the mysterious dragonfly drone sightings which came to prevalence in May 2006 and peaked in 2007 with more than a dozen witnesses in geographically separate parts of the United States and further afield reported seeing, and photographing strange dragonfly drone-like aerial objects in broad daylight.

Initially reported as Bakersfield - the location was later identified as just off Highway 17, near the restaurant known as behind the the  “Summit Snack Shack” or “Summit Roadhouse” as it was later renamed, which at this point runs parallel to the old Santa Cruz Highway approx 4-7 miles south of Los Gatos, Santa Clara County, California.

Location initially reported as Bakersfield – the ‘actual’ location was later identified as just off Highway 17, near the restaurant known as the “Summit Snack Shack” or “Summit Roadhouse” as it was later renamed, which at this point runs parallel to the old Santa Cruz Highway approx 4-7 miles south of Los Gatos, Santa Clara County, California.

“I walked back across the room to look outside to see what had caused the shadow, and there was THIS thing! It was not moving, not making a sound, just…there. I just stood there for a few seconds to try to wrap my head around what I was seeing…what WAS I seeing?


Special report by Truthfall editor


Newly identified witness who saw and photographed back engineered ET dragonfly drone was contacted by C.A.R.E.T. whistle-blower Isaac. Not only that, but her sighting dates back to 1981;  a full 6 years before the earliest known sighting to date – previously the earliest known sighting was in 1987, when an eyewitness touring an air show at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana wandered into the wrong hangar and saw one of these dragonfly-shaped craft supposedly setup as some sort of  display exhibit – before being hurriedly ushered out by military personnel. C.A.R.E.T is an acronym for (Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology) a classified special access project where Isaac claimed he worked for 3 years.

  • New Witness Testimony Reveals Earliest Known Public Sighting So Far – 1981
  • Isaac (C.A.R.E.T) Somehow Knew and Made Contact with Witness Soon After She Submitted Her Photo to MUFON.
  • Isaac – Similar CARET Symbol Language Rumoured To Be Found In A 10,000 yr old Cave.
  • Isaac’s Contact With This New Witness Pre-dates his Webpage Disclosure of June, 2007 by 15 years!
  • Photo Witness Took is Eerily Similar to One Taken by ‘Rajman1977′ -  Rajman 1977 Photo Directly Below.
  • Like Many Other Witnesses Craft Was Again Sighted Over Top of Suburban Power Pole.
Photo taken by 'Rajman'. Claimed to be taken in Capitola but actually traced to Campbell.

Photo taken in May 2007 by ‘Rajman1977′ – . Claimed to be taken in Capitola but the pole location was actually traced to Campbell.


Background to The Story


More than a dozen witnesses from 1987 to 2008 have described encounters with objects having a “ring body”, “appendages”, and a ‘tail’  or “boom” like protuberance. The craft were described as stationery or very slow moving, usually silent, emitting no sound except for maybe a static, crackling, or sound of high voltage electricity usually accompanied by the feeling of a static charge in the air.  Most of the witnesses have observed and photographed these strange craft as they hovered above trees or power poles for reasons yet unknown. Some have been observed in silently hovering above power poles in suburban streets and others slowly skimming or rotating over the tops of tress in forested areas.


Isaac & PACL


Around the same time as the sightings began getting widespread attention in June 2007, a webpage appeared written by someone calling himself Isaac. Isaac freely admitted he was using a pseudo-name to protect his identity as a whistle-blower. On the webpage was published a cache of  allegedly leaked documents and photographs from a highly secretive project based in Palo Alto, California. Isaac claimed he could identify the strange craft the witnesses were seeing as he had worked on them as part of a classified project he had been a part of. That project was named C.A.R.E.T – Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology. An archive copy of the original Isaac webpage can be found here.


Commercialise Non-Human Technology


According to Isaac – the idea behind the C.A.R.E.T project was to take retrieved technology of non-human origin and figure out how it worked so that it could be back engineered into commercially viable products and technologies which would ultimately be for public consumption.  During Isaac’s time there from 1984-1987, neither he nor the many other scientists working there were ever told where the technology they worked on originated from – except that it was non-human in origin. Isaac and the other scientists worked on their own or in very small groups like any secure compartmentalised project of this nature, but eventually the lack of background information on the items they were given to work with led to a lot of frustration with their less than communicative military project bosses.


Outside, the CA.R.E.T project building looked like any other modern technology or computer facility in Silicon Valley, except that once inside there was said to be extremely high security with “enough armed guards to invade Poland” – with the building going several levels underground. Among the documents successfully smuggled out and leaked by Isaac were many photographs of what appear to be parts of these dragonfly craft, and other documents describing the strange symbol language, along with the main document of interest which was titled the ‘Q4-86 Research Report’ – which would presume that these reports were written quarterly on an ongoing basis.

The reason given by Isaac that he was now choosing to come forward and release this information is that he recognized the dragonfly drones in the witness reports and photos as the same technology he worked with at the Palo Alto C.A.R.E.T facility.


Four advanced (presumably extraterrestrial) technologies being worked on were mentioned in the C.A.R.E.T Q4-86 Research Report document.

  1. Personal Anti-Gravity Generator.
  2. Three Dimensional Image Recorder Projector.
  3. A complex system of symbols and geometric constructs capable of both defining the functionality of artifacts as well as manipulating their behaviour, crudely analogous to a computer programming language, but without the need for a compilation / interpretation phase.
  4. Item 4 – had been blacked out and was unreadable.

“I’ve heard from a lot of friends that there are multiple sites like PACL in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, also disguised to look like unremarkable office space.” – Isaac

Photo one of many taken by "Chad". Location was later identified as back of restaurant / diner off the highway near Los Gatos.

Photo one of many taken by “Chad”. Location was later identified as back of restaurant / diner off highway 7 near Los Gatos.

Witnesses from 2006-2008


Ground-breaking investigative news site, written by Linda Moulton-Howe began covering the ever evolving story as one after one, new witnesses, new testimony and new photos  of the weird dragonfly drones were reported all over the United States from Capitola, Big Basin, Bakersfield, California, Birmingham, Alabama, Arizona, Ohio and others.

Linda had taken to calling them dragonfly drones since witnesses described their strange movement much like a dragonfly would move and that the bodies of the craft were described as only a maximum of two feet thick and therefore not capable of being piloted by humans, but rather they appeared to be being remotely piloted or controlled by some other means. The phrase “Dragonfly Drones” was born.


  • Ring Body With A Tall Circular Crown of Wires On Top Pointing Upward
  • White / Grey / Metallic Body
  • Flat “Wing” or “Boom” / Projection Broken Into Sections Leading Out From Ring Body
  • Weird Hieroglyphic Symbols On Bottom Of Craft
  • Slow Moving / Can Hover Silently / Move Like A Dragonfly
  • Photographed at Tree Top Level Usually / Near Power Poles
  • Have Been Known to React To Torchlight Shined On Them
  • Witnesses Feel the Drones are Observing / Collecting Information / Engaged in Surveillance


New Information


In an effort to seek out new witnesses to this phenomena, last year I wrote two articles based on the existing historical accounts in the hope that this may jog someone’s memory or be the catalyst for bringing new information to light and advance what seems to be a UFO cold case.  Part of the effort to re-investigate the story involved the creation of a Facebook Page which would serve as a web-presence and point of contact for those who may wish to come forward or present information relating to this phenomena.


New Witness


Almost one full year has passed with no serious contacts resulting from the page – that is until very recently when a brand new witness contacted me.


My new witness has kept her story private among her close family for over THIRTY YEARS but now she feels able to share her fascinating account;  She is concerned for her privacy due to the circumstances and nature of what she witnessed and understandably does not want any press intrusion or harassment. Therefore, to protect her real identity we will call her ‘Mary’.


Mary is 58 years old and was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her father was an engineer for the big three auto corps (General Motors, Ford & Chrysler), while her mother stayed home. After her parents divorce in the 1970′s,  her mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Mary has been teaching art for 30 years and now lives  in S.E. Michigan.


I should add that I have verified Mary’s real name, address, telephone number and other details confirming her identity and background.


Mary’s sighting of the drone took place over 30 years ago in 1981, however Mary kept the story between close family for more than a decade, that is until she had a separate UFO sighting of a silver disc in 1991/92.  When Mary reported the silver disc sighting to MUFON, she also happened to report her drone sighting, albeit from 10 years previous.  Several months after making the report to MUFON she was contacted out of the blue by someone called Isaac whom she did not know. This contact with Mary was made a full 16 years BEFORE Isaac published the leaked documents on the internet.


Here for the first time in over thirty years, Mary shares the story of her encounter with a strange dragonfly drone and her subsequent interaction with C.A.R.E.T whistleblower – Isaac.


How did you find the dragonfly drone Facebook page?


“ day a thing came up on my Facebook feed about Dragonfly drones, and when I clicked on it, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my photo (or so I thought), at the top of your page.  Since I had given the photo to MUFON years ago,  I assumed it had circulated to some point, and I even heard there was a photo similar to mine on a TV show.”


I guess I should start by asking you to take some time and describe in as much detail as you can, your recollection of the circumstances around your sighting of the weird dragonfly craft.


“I remember very clearly this day.  It was an apartment building in Phoenix at the base of Camelback mountain. I have no idea if it still exists, or the name.  It was my mother’s apartment, and she died at age 48 of cancer in 1984.”


“I was visiting with my husband from Michigan; we had arrived the day prior to the day I took this photo.  It was January 1981 (I am sure on the year, fuzzy on the month) …my age in 1981 would have been 25.  Anyway, my mother gave us her room to sleep in….the apt was on the first floor.”




“After dinner (approx 4 or 5pm), we were going to play cards.  My mother asked me to get her a pack of cigarettes from the carton in the top drawer of her dresser.  As I went into the room, I noticed that she did not have a screen on the window, and it was open slightly -  (It was a sliding window that moved left to right).  I got the pack of cigarettes, and started to turn to exit the room, when a I saw a shadow pass over her bed from something large outside.”


“I walked back across the room to look outside to see what had caused the shadow, and there was THIS thing!  It was not moving, not making a sound; just …there.”


“I just stood there for a few seconds to try to wrap my head around what I was seeing…what WAS I seeing?  Then, I remembered my camera on the top of the dresser! I quickly grabbed it, and snapped this picture.  I ran to the dining room with the camera and announced that we needed to go to the photo store right away to get this developed, because they were not going to believe what I just saw.  My mother, her boyfriend, my husband and I all ran back to my mother’s bedroom window,  and it was gone.”


“The object out the window was above the telephone pole as you see in my photo.  I was on the ground floor.  It did not make a sound, I thought for a moment it was some kind of weird kite.  It had strange characters on the “boom” that stuck out.”


Editor’s Note: The photo above showing the dragonfly drone hovering above the power pole was not taken by Mary, but was taken in 2007 and was later identified as a location in Campbell, not Capitola as originally specified by witness ‘Rajman’. It became apparent during my discussions with Mary that her original sighting and photo (taken in 1981 in Phoenix) was so eerily similar to Rajman’s photo that she had just assumed it was hers – she freely acknowledges the close similarity.


Symbol Language


During Isaac’s time at C.A.R.E.T one of the most fascinating aspects of his job was working with the strange symbol ‘language’ that was central to the operation of many of the non-human artifacts. Mary told me she had memorised two of the most prominent ‘characters’ or symbols of this language from her original photo and, as she is an artist, she felt compelled to re-create them in a patch for her purse.


I asked Mary about the symbols on her purse.

“I have some of these characters in a beaded patch that I wear on my purse.  I did the bead-work patch myself from the email I printed.  I have removed it re-sewed it onto each new purse. I keep hoping that somewhere, someday, someone will ask me where I got them.”

Mary's beaded patch featuring CARET lettering sewn onto her purse.

Mary’s beaded patch featuring CARET lettering sewn onto her purse.

Editor’s Note:  I asked Mary if she could take a photo of the symbols on her purse and send them to me – and she sent me the image above. Upon closer examination – the symbols in Mary’s patch appear to be the two prominent symbols found in one of the PACL documents smuggled out and posted by Isaac – image below. These symbols also appear on the underside of the craft’s “boom” or extended “arm”.


Two symbols or 'letters' featured in PACL documents.

Two very prominent symbols or ‘letters’ featured in PACL documents.


Tell me about the photo of the dragonfly drone you took out of your mother’s apartment window in Phoenix.


Mary“It was taken on an Instamatic Camera.  I kept that photo in a safe for many years, only showing it to a few people.”




“I remember when I showed the photo to my then husband, he wanted to take it to the local newspaper, and I flatly refused after the hubbub that I had experienced from the MIB visit a few years prior…my mother wanted to move from her apartment, she said she was frightened.  Her husband thought it was cool, and agreed with my husband.   I tucked it away in a book and left it there.  When I left my husband, he was angry enough to burn everything I owned.”

Camelback Mountain - Phoenix, Arizona. The location of Mary's 1981 sighting of a dragonfly drone.

Camelback Mountain – Phoenix, Arizona. The location of Mary’s 1981 sighting of a dragonfly drone.

“As far as the photo, [On the CARET Facebook Page] it really freaks me out how identical they are, and I am now wondering if in my transfer from computer to computer to computer,that at some point, I copied the wrong one onto my hard drive.  I had several of these photos I had grabbed off the internet that looked similar to mine back in the early 1990′s and put them on a thumb drive.  I only saved the one I thought was mine.  I have no way of knowing now… That said, I did study that photo many many times,  I wrote the characters over and over (the ones I could make out) and compared them to the ones in the cave drawing that Isaac had sent.  I took the clearest ones and made a beaded patch. The one on my purse.”

Photo by 'Chad" as strange dragonfly craft 'flew' overhead.

Photo by ‘Chad” as strange dragonfly craft ‘flew’ overhead.

‘Isaac’ was the pseudo-name for the whistle-blower who smuggled documents, photographs and other papers out of the C.A.R.E.T facility in Palo Alto, California. Now you mentioned you were contacted by Isaac – what did he tell you?


“Isaac began his email by saying he was writing to let me know that the object I had seen was not alien, but made in the USA. He told me first off that I should not be afraid of alien UFO’s, as the item I had taken a picture of was made right here in the USA.. Isaac told me first that I would only hear from this this one time…he was only writing to me once, and that the email was temporary and would not be replied to.”


“He also asked me to please delete the email after I had read it.  Which I did after I had printed it  – (I think I printed it, or part of it, so I will look through my old papers to see if I can find it).  As I stated prior, when I received the email from Isaac, I had assumed that he contacted me as a result of my correspondence with MUFON, which was only a few weeks before.  I had no idea who he was, or even if he was for real, but his email was so detailed that I also assumed he was who he said he was.”


“He indicated that he, along with a few other men, had been approached by the US government somewhere in California, and asked to find a commercial use for some “technologies” they were in possession of.”


“Each man was searched when they came in, and searched again when they left each day. He said each man was in a cubicle of his own to study and find a commercial use for the item he was given. Isaac said that they were never told where these items came from, only that they were being paid to find a commercial use for it. Isaac said the items he was given (I printed a picture of that too) were curved pieces of metal with strange characters on them.”


Clear Jello


“I cannot remember whether they told him what it did, or if he discovered it, but he said the characters had to be on this metal, in this order, and in a particular electromagnetic field, they cloaked themselves. He said it worked by bending light. He said that the thing I had taken a picture of was simply malfunctioning, and that is why I saw part of it for a moment. He said it worked on the rods and cones in our eyes,in that it bent light. He said some animals could still see them, but if working properly, they would be nearly invisible. He called it “clear jello”.




“From what I gathered in my email correspondence from Isaac, he indicated that I was seeing them only because they were being tested by the U.S. and, had they been working properly, I would never have seen it.  He said some folks only see the boom or the cage, due to a malfunction of the apparatus that bends light around it; he said that is why sometimes we will swear we just saw something in the air, then suddenly it is gone. He also indicated that dogs may be able to see them even as cloaked, and when we look at what they are barking at, we see nothing.”

Leaked photographs from the Q4-86 Research Document showing non-human technology with symbols etched into the 'metal'.

Leaked photographs from the Q4-86 Research Document showing alleged non-human technology with symbols etched into the ‘metal’.

“Remember,  Isaac stated that he was given a technology that came from who-knows-where, and was told to find a commercial purpose for it. And, he was with other men who had other advanced technologies in cubicles next to him who were told to do the same with what they were given.  So who knows where this came from, or what the other men had.   All I know is that Issac said these were made here…but that does not hint at the origin of the original.”

Non-human artifacts in a leaked photograph from the C.A.R.E.T Q4-86 Research document obtained by whistleblower 'Isaac'.

Non-human artifacts in a leaked photograph from the C.A.R.E.T Q4-86 Research document obtained by whistleblower ‘Isaac’.


Ancient Cave Symbols


“I hope I can find the stuff I printed, because he said a lot more, but I can’t remember. I remember he said there were some symbols nearly identical to them in an ancient 10,000 year old cave somewhere, but it was over my head in techno details. I never heard from him again.”


So how long after your contact with MUFON did Isaac get in touch with you?


“I think it was approximately 3 months after I reported the disc and the drone to MUFON that I received the email from Isaac; and just assumed it was a direct result of my report. Perhaps it was, but who knows? I got introduced [to Isaac] by way (or so I thought) from MUFON,  I had sent them the picture, and a short time later, this Isaac emailed me and referred to the picture I had sent MUFON. Other than that, I am clueless.”


It would be amazing if you could find his original email and especially the cave drawing that you mentioned. On a separate note, one of the previous witnesses mentioned that a book he had obtained at his local library contained references to the word “Oltissus ” and soon after two guys showed up and confiscated the book under the Patriot Act. Does the word Oltissis mean anything to you or did Isaac mention anything in relation to Oltissis or the book “Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited”?


“No, I have never heard “Oltissis”.


You mentioned earlier, you had an visit years before from some MIB, can you tell me about that?


“At age 14, after reading in National Geographic about the earth and sea cores that had been dug up in Greenland or somewhere very cold, they had discovered tropical seed pods in the frozen material many feet down. The article went on to say something about a dramatic and sudden change in temperature at some point.  I wrote a story about what I thought this meant, and wrote to NASA for more details. They never responded, but I wrote my story anyway and sent it to them.”


“Five years later, some “men in black” paid me a visit wanting to know where I had gotten all the information for the story I wrote.  I laughed and told them that it was part my imagination, and part the National Geographic magazine, I could not believe what they were asking! They even recorded it! My mother walked in from outdoors to see this man sitting in her living room audio taping her daughter (second guy in black was waiting in the car) and wanted to know what the bloody hell I had done, I asked them to tell her, and she laughed out loud.”


“They asked her if she still had the article from National Geographic, and she leaned in and said “No, but I’m relatively sure if you call them, they can help you”.  I laughed myself silly as the MIB hurried out the door. But then, why were they there? Had I stumbled upon something? My story simply was about a theory of how we possibly had advanced technology before….90,000 years ago, and how we wiped ourselves out. (Possibly more than once.) But heck, I was just a 14 yr old kid…”


 “They basically wanted us to turn these artifacts into something they could patent and sell. One of C.A.R.E.T.’s most appealing promises was the revenue generated by these product-ready technologies, which could be funneled right back into black projects.” – Isaac


You had the drone encounter in 1981, then 10 years later in 1991/92 you saw a ‘silver disc’ in a separate unconnected sighting and this was the sighting (along with the drone sighting 10 years previous) that was the catalyst for making a report to MUFON. Tell me about that.


“In 1991 or 1992, while I was driving home one summer day in Livingston/Genessee county in Michigan,  I saw something else and this time reported it to MUFON.  I was traveling north on Argentine Road through a farming community, in an Escort wagon.


“My 9 year old daughter was in the passenger seat, and my 13 yr old step-daughter was in the back seat. We had traveled approx 3 miles, when my step-daughter said “What is that?”, as she looked to the East. I could not see what she was looking at. My daughter then exclaimed “Seriously Mom, stop the car, what IS that?”,  I leaned down to see what they were referring to, and approx 1/2 mile to the East, directly above the treelike, was an enormous silver disk.”


“We pulled over and marveled at it;  it was stationary,  and bright as a mirror – (hard to look at for long).  As we were taking this remarkable sight in,  it suddenly zipped off to the north at an incredible rate of speed.  I told the girls to get in the car,  and raced north to see if I could catch it. – (it is an old paved farm road, and has very little traffic).  I lost sight of it right away, and slowed down approx another mile up the road.”


“When I had traveled another 7-8 miles, I could see something ahead blocking the two-lane road; it was a group of people. We pulled over and approached the 40-50 people milling about in the roadway, who were looking in the direction I had seen this disk, and they were looking south. One of them was a police officer. In his hand, he had a walkie-talkie, and apparently, there was another man with a walkie-talkie 10 miles to the south on this road, and these men had been watching and clocking this thing for over an hour.”


“I heard him say they had clocked it at 4000 MPH. I had to go home to let my dogs out, so I could not stay, but never heard a peep about this anywhere. When I finally contacted MUFON, and told them about this disc, and sent them the attached photo, [THE PHOTO OF THE DRONE OUTSIDE THE APT] -  about a week later a man who identified himself as Isaac emailed me. The story he told me blew my mind.”


“There are a lot of things we do not know………”


It’s odd that after you sent your photo to MUFON that Isaac then emails you? How do you suppose he got your details?


“I guess I thought MUFON and he knew each other…I had not told anyone outside of a few trusted friends about this…”


Do you remember the name of the MUFON person you made your initial report to and did they ever lodge a formal case ID?


“I am just a normal,everyday person. I do not watch the skies, or see weird things generally. I just was so mad that no one would listen to me about that giant silver disc, that I wanted someone to acknowledge what we had all seen, and contacted MUFON, and it kind of went from there. I do not know whom I spoke to at MUFON, but they should have record of it, they asked me for more details about it.”


He told me first off that I should not be afraid of alien UFO’s, as the item I had taken a picture of was made right here in the USA.


Isaac’s History of Contacting Witnesses


At first I wondered why Isaac may have contacted Mary and no-one else, however, in the process of researching this article I noted that in his statement made in 2007,(reprinted below) Isaac had voiced intent to contact other witnesses. I now realise there is a real possibility he may have had dialogue over the years with MANY people about this topic and indeed it is likely he had other communications with first-hand witnesses  – assuming he managed to acquire their contact details.


“I am also trying to get in touch with the witnesses so far, such as Chad, Rajman, Jenna, Ty, and the Lake Tahoe witness (especially Chad). I have advice for them that may be somewhat helpful in dealing with what they’ve seen and what I would recommend they do with what they know. If you are one of these witnesses, or can put me in touch with them, please contact Coast to Coast AM and let them know. ” – Isaac, June 2007


It appears that Isaac had “advice” too for Mary when in 1991/92 he was compelled to write her an email explaining her bizarre sighting was part govt / part non-human technology.


MUFON Connection?


So just how did Isaac get to find out about Mary and her photograph?  Did Isaac work directly with MUFON in some capacity, or was Isaac already in touch with an insider in MUFON who then passed Mary’s contact details on to him?


Real Life Prometheus


Many of you will be familiar with the movie Prometheus where weird symbols found in an ancient cave tell of millenia of non-human involvement in the human race and a link to our mysterious origins.


When Mary told me of Isaac’s drawing of the weird symbols found on the craft to symbols found in an ancient cave it resonated that perhaps the true makers of this technology may have been with us for a VERY long time indeed.

Editor’s note: I spent time looking for ancient glyphs and cave symbols in an effort to trace the cave that Isaac refers to in his communication with Mary, however my search so far has been fruitless.  I am asking now, if anyone out there reading this now knows of or can locate similar symbols to the C.A.R.E.T ‘language’ then please contact me.

Mary is going to try and locate the cave drawing and Isaac’s email printout from storage and hopefully, if so I will follow up on this with another article.




Arizona is home to a whole raft of military installations including Fort Huachuca, Yuma Proving Ground, Camp Navajo, and in Phoenix itself there is the the Barry M Goldwater Bombing Range, and Luke Air Force Base, which is only 28 miles from Camelback Mountain – is there a military connection here?


Drone Reports Now Span 33 Years


Up until this point it had previously been thought that the earliest known sighting of one of these strange craft was by a witness who by chance observed one as some sort of exhibit in a hanger at an Air show at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.  The information from Mary now points to the fact that these things have been operational and deployed in public places now since at least 1981.  Whether the drone that Mary witnessed was military back engineered or non-human in origin, it now seems likely that there are dozens or potentially hundreds more witnesses spanning over the last 33 years at least.


What purpose do these drones serve? Who owns and operates them, and as there have been no recorded sightings since 2008 – are we to infer that they are no longer in use, or more chillingly, that they have perfected their defective cloaking mechanism and that they are now COMPLETELY  invisible to us?


CGI Photoshop Debunkers / Hoaxers


After the sightings came to prevalence in 2007 a series of badly thrown together CGI YouTube movies and photographs then emerged – some produced by fame-seeking photoshop junkies desperate to showcase their ‘talents’, some by copycats and those desperate for viral video status – but none of the CGI hoxers came even remotely close to resembling the original images. Nor could they explain the ever growing number of witnesses, from all ages and walks of life and geographically separate locations in the United States.


Some websites and forums  claim that the drones are a hoax, but most of these sites are run by pseudosceptics who have an interest in keeping the status quo. None of them address the incredible amount of witness testimony that has been gathered from real people from diverse backgrounds.


With Mary’s new testimony, there are now witness reports spanning nearly 30 years.  This is no CGI hoax, or fad, or social media viral campaign.  This is a real phenomena and it deserves further investigation.


Hours of Compelling Testimony


The sheer weight of witness testimony by unrelated individuals of all ages, professions and located in different parts of the continental United States is simply overwhelming and hard to ignore. It is my belief that most people have not heard ALL (if even any) of the absolutely compelling witness testimony available on this subject.  For anyone who has doubts over the validity of the dragonfly drones you simply must listen to the following Earthfiles podcast episodes 17, 18, 19, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 47. Click here to download and listen.


It is my view that most people dismissed the phenomena without bothering to look at the weight of evidence and testimony in it’s entirety and instead allowed forum debunkers and pseudosceptics to decide the evidence for them. Don’t let anyone live in your head rent free – as the saying goes.


What information do YOU have on these Dragonfly Drones?


I am very interested to hear from you if you were an original witness or if you have you have had your own personal sighting which so far has not been reported. If you know someone who has had an experience with these drones I would also like to hear from you.  Did you work at the Palo Alto CARET Laboratory or know Isaac?  Do you have photos of unexplained objects similar to this? Have you been keeping information on this subject to yourself for a time and now want to share?  Have you seen these symbols before? Do you know the cave in which these maybe contained? I encourage you to contact me with any  information you may think is relevant.



You can reach me at – or private message via our special Drone Facebook Page

All requests for confidentiality will be respected and treated in the strictest confidence.


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Craig is a freelance writer and researcher studying and writing about the UFO phenomenon, remote viewing, free energy, and other strange phenomena for over 20 years. He is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.