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what’s in a name?

The truth has fallen.  Whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, there can be no doubt that the truth has become a casualty of the modern world. What we know (or rather what we are permitted to know), about the important aspects of our lives, our true technological progress, our true human history, what we really are, and most importantly, our true potential – has been to a large extent, subverted, manipulated and suppressed.


Truthfall could be taken to mean the “fall of truth” in reference to how our media, academic institutions, corporations and politicians have subverted the truth in favour of money, politics and power.  Truthfall is also close to the word truthful, which is, for some stories you will read , the first time you will have been presented with the truth or anything even close to it.


Truth-fall may also represent Alice as she tumbles down the rabbit hole into wonderland, seeing many new things for the first time, learning many truths and expanding her reality. We will leave it up to you to decide what it means to you personally.

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Truthfall does not claim to be the absolute authority on anything, nor do we think you should restrict yourself to one point of view. What we are trying to do here is to present a whole range of new, (and sometimes re-focus on much older) information that you wouldn’t normally receive from more traditional “news” sources.


The internet, as well as being a tool for the spread of truth, is also a disinformation tool used by those who would rather you know nothing of the true reality, preferring that you remain conflicted and apathetic by becoming so confused that you ultimately end up believing nothing. It is up to you to determine whether the information presented “fits” your picture of what’s really going on.


By posting these stories and articles we do not necessarily subscribe to every point of view expressed within them – but merely present them for your consideration and for you to make your own informed judgement on what information rings true. This is an opportunity that mainstream news simply takes away from you without asking. We ask simply that you do not, “shoot the messenger”.