Yesterday, Swedish treasure hunters Ocean Explorer Team  set sail again on another expedition to the Baltic Anomaly. Dennis Aasberg (co-founder) released a short video blog a few days prior.


Dennis explained a little of what he is thinking…


“Like I said before – this is unique, this is something special down there, but I don’t know what it is yet, but we will find out”.  “It’s not easy when you don’t have the right equipment also”.

The trip is expected to last 7-10 days and will also incorporate an investigation of a more traditional shipwreck. The team have not had much luck in the way of sponsorship and so funding for these expensive trips has become a concern.

Artist's impression of the anomaly by talented German artist Hauke Vagt -

This fan-created YouTube video illustrates the scale of the anomaly compared to the Statue of Liberty in New York. Thanks to Laura Funke (Facebook Group) for the link.

Follow the daily developments on the Group’s Facebook page.


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A full report on the team’s expedition and findings will follow – hopefully with some new images.

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