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Baltic Anomaly: Find May Be Billions In Precious Metals

Posted on June 6, 2012

Since June 2011 aftre the first sidescan sonar images were shown – the speculation on what the bizarre shaped anomaly lying in 80 metres of cold water in the Baltic Sea, has been unrelenting. Something one of the OceanX team said in a recent interview is particularly interesting to note – “I think it is a meteorite or a gas discovery, said Dennis Åsberg.”   Now these two possibilities, gas discovery or meteorite may seem like pretty mundane explanations to the people who have pegged everything on this being a USO or undersea base;  and when we say USO we mean something manufactured but not having originated on this planet.   The attraction of an extraterrestrial explanation to many is that we could be…

Baltic Anomaly News: Radio Silence And Ship Specs

Posted on June 4, 2012

So what will the Ocean Explorer team find in 80 metres of cold and murky water?   Ever since the announcement last year that the team had found a highly irregular and unexpected object lying on the seabed the debate over what it might be has raged.   The Swedish team of around 11 individuals  left Stockholm 2 days ago in their new vessel the “Ancylus” (or The Baltic Falcon as it has become known) – tagging along was a 4 person strong Swedish TV documentary crew promising to record the entire event for broadcast on a Discovery ot Sci-Fi channel near you.   The last official word received has been that the early part of the voyage had been problematic due to bad…

Baltic USO Anomaly: Expedition To Find The Truth

Posted on May 31, 2012

Eighty-Five metres below the surface of the Baltic Sea in ice cold water lies a bizarre disc-shaped anomaly which has been the subject of international debate since 2011.   Truthfall Special Report by: Craig Brown Return To The Site In just 36 hours time on June 1st, Swedish treasure hunters Dennis Aasberg and Peter Lindberg (the same crew who initially found the anomaly), will set sail from Norrtälje, Stockholm to revisit the site in an effort to determine just exactly what the mysterious object might be.   Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars cost in returning to the site, the team managed to secure enough private funding in the past year to make it possible. They will be joined by a Swedish TV…