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Greece May Be About To Exit From The Euro

Posted on May 15, 2012

Are the elites dreams of a European Superstate about to be shattered? Not only does German leader Angela Merkel look to be on the way out, but the recent elections in Greece are still at an impasse and causing ongoing uncertainty.   The Guardian reports.. “Financial markets are hastily making preparations for a Greek exit from the euro after a day of political and economic turmoil ended with Europe‘s policy elite admitting for the first time that it may prove impossible to keep the single currency intact.”   “With attempts in Athens to form a government after last week’s election looking increasingly doomed, European leaders abandoned their taboo on talking about the possibility that Greece might have to leave the euro.”   “Shares, oil,…

Cameron: We Need One Single Govt

Posted on May 9, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron is now openly pushing for a single European Govt.  Fear-mongering about the possible failure of the Euro is being used as a pretext for taking another step towards the new world order plan for global domination and control.   From the Daily Mail David Cameron has given his strongest warning yet that the euro is doomed to fail as fears grow that Greece is close to crashing out of the single currency. The Prime Minister dismissed new French president Francois Hollande’s claim that Britain was ‘indifferent’ to the fate of the eurozone, insisting it was essential for our economy that the Continent recovers.   ‘We want the euro area to succeed,’ Mr Cameron said in an interview with the…