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Baltic Anomaly: New Expedition After Astonishing Images

Posted on September 4, 2012

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan   Veteran Swedish treasure hunters, the Ocean Explorer Team will at last embark on a long anticipated return trip to the massive and mysterious object lying some 85 metres under the Baltic Sea – known simply as the “Baltic Anomaly”.   Special report by Craig Brown (Editor) New Multi-Beam Sonar Images Released Contradict Mainstream “Explanations” Voyage Begins Next Saturday 8th September and Will Last 8-9 days Team Will Look At Other Shipwrecks Also To Finance This Project Excitement As Team Will Investigate Second Anomaly For The First Time New Expedition Should Provide More Answers To Object’s Origin New Images Show 2-3 Metre Long Square With Perfectly Round Hole Inside Depressions With Perfectly Straight…

Baltic Anomaly USO: “This Is No Game” Says OceanX Team

Posted on June 11, 2012

Today, OceanX team leader Dennis Aasberg gave another short but very intriguing statement on the crew’s efforts to shed light on the mysterious Baltic Sea object that has evaded all reasonable attempts at identification so far.   “Everything is top secret now … because of the risks … hope you all understand this is no game. But the truth will be reported shortly.” – Dennis Aasberg It is not essential to believe this hypothesis about to be shared is the definitive explanation, but it should at least be considered along with all the others.   Many reports of USOs exist of objects traveling at great speed underneath the water with lights visible, including a report that dates as far back as Christopher Columbus. These…

Baltic Anomaly: Ship Now Anchored Directly Above Object

Posted on June 7, 2012

In the first real news update since they left port in Stockholm, the OceanX team of 11 individuals, headed by treasure hunters Dennis Aasberg and Peter Lindberg have issued a communication that they made it to the site OK, despite bad weather slowing the pace. “The ship Ancylus, carrying the Ocean X Team, is now anchored above the circle-shaped object. They started to scan the seabed and they are taking samples for analyses. Due to really bad weather conditions the operation took a little bit longer than scheduled. But they are working hard and prepare to dive down there for further investigations today.”   The team plan to take samples to measure any possible toxicity before sending a dive team down to the object.¬†…

Baltic Anomaly News: Radio Silence And Ship Specs

Posted on June 4, 2012

So what will the Ocean Explorer team find in 80 metres of cold and murky water?   Ever since the announcement last year that the team had found a highly irregular and unexpected object lying on the seabed the debate over what it might be has raged.   The Swedish team of around 11 individuals¬† left Stockholm 2 days ago in their new vessel the “Ancylus” (or The Baltic Falcon as it has become known) – tagging along was a 4 person strong Swedish TV documentary crew promising to record the entire event for broadcast on a Discovery ot Sci-Fi channel near you.   The last official word received has been that the early part of the voyage had been problematic due to bad…