On April 12th a sonic boom was heard accross several counties in England.  The official explanation for this particular boom is that RAF Typhoon jets from RAF bLAH were scrambled to intercept a helicopter transmitting a mayday signal.

RAF Typhoon Jet


Other websites had more information…

“Earthfiles has received information from an English mother whose adult son with good eyesight watched a silver disc above a small helicopter in the Bath, Somerset, sky at 6:10 PM local time on Thursday evening, April 12. The young man also saw a large Typhoon jet loudly zoom in and slow down into tight rotation around the small helicopter. It is not clear if the silver disc “blinked out” or rapidly moved off”.Linda Moulton Howe – Earthfiles.com


“The jets kept circling (the sock-shaped UFO). It was very strange.”

- April 12, 2012 eyewitness, Bath, England

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