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New ‘Metal’ Mars Anomaly Photographed by Curiosity

Posted on February 7, 2013

Yet another blatantly obvious anomaly has been photographed on Mars by the Curiosity Rover. The image was taken with the right Mastcam by Curiosity on Sol 173 — January 30, 2013 here on Earth.


Even a cursory examination of the image reveals that the object has a completely different luminosity / reflectivity to ANY of the surrounding features and seems very out of place. The image shows what appear to be a metallic looking object sticking out of the ground – the surface of which has a very shiny appearance with regularly spaced protuberances. The object also has it’s own unique shadow cast onto the rock underneath proving that it is indeed a real object and not a trick of the light or camera glitch.


How this particular anomalous image made it past the censors and airbrushing department is hard to fathom – unless of course they want us to know and so the drip…drip…drip effect continues.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems.

Download the original image from JPL here.


Metal Gear Found In 300 Million Year Old Coal

Posted on January 31, 2013

The find was very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially. It was like parts are often used in microscopes, various technical and electronic devices says writer Natalia Ostrowski at KP UA Daily.

The metal shown here embedded in coal.

The metal shown here embedded in coal.


Toothed metal ridges look very artificial.

Read More:



Baltic Anomaly Update: OceanX Seek Panama Treasures

Posted on January 25, 2013

Yesterday, Swede, Dennis Aäsberg (Co-Owner of the Ocean Explorer team), posted a very intriguing statement via Facebook.


“What have happened here [in Panama] will make headlines across the globe as soon as we release the news. We are presently the happiest guys in the world! This is a sensation and no one has accomplished what we have done here before. All will be presented shortly.” – Dennis Aasberg

Baltic Anomaly Sensation

The OceanX Team hit the headlines last year when they located a massive undiscovered anomaly on the seabed. Nicknamed the “Baltic Anomaly”, the story became a global sensation almost overnight with major news networks chasing them ever since and a documentary now close to being released – footage of which has given the team “goose bumps” due to the eerily artificial and constructed nature of the object.


Rendering of the Baltic Anomaly by German artist and illustrator Hauke Vagt

Since the story broke, the team have made another two voyages to the undisclosed location somewhere in the Gulf of Bothnia to dive on the anomaly in an attempt to explain what it may be.   Although the first voyage presented some opportunities for discovery and filming they were no closer to finding out the true nature of what they had found. Visibility in some places is down to only a couple of feet.

Latest rendering of the anomaly by Hauke Vagt

Latest rendering of the anomaly by Hauke Vagt

The second voyage some months later was widely anticipated, especially as the team had brought better and more sophisticated equipment with them. Additionally, there were plans to dive on the second anomaly which lay a few hundred metres off the main object.  After all the anticipation though, equipment failure, and extremely stormy conditions in the Baltic cut short the trip and left the team disappointed and no closer to the truth. However, they did manage to bring back some multi-beam sonar images which clearly show what look like walls, corridors, and straight edges many metres long. Other intriguing images show perfectly round holes inside a perfect square frame, again these are in excess of two metres wide.  Even the most sceptical are being pushed to their limits in trying to account for a natural explanation.


Straight walls and right angles many tens of metres long.

Straight walls and right angles many tens of metres long.

“I promise all of you if there is a door,we will open it …. and no one can stop us.” – Dennis Aasberg


The guys from the OceanX team do not give up easily. They have made it their mission to uncover the truth of what lies in 80 metres of icy water of the Gulf of Bothnia, somewhere near the Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland. During the winter months vast amounts of sea-ice descend from the North and the trip to the anomaly becomes impossible – however the team have already committed themselves firmly to finally putting an end to the mystery when the warmer weather moves back and the sea-ice retreats.


Stone Samples

The limited stone samples that they managed to collect were examined by a local University and found to be “volcanic rock and granite” and “volcanic rocks is not necessarily from a volcano”, which is interesting in itself  when every geologist they have spoken with has insisted that this whole area is NON-VOLCANIC. If so, then how did volcanic rocks get here?


Panama Opportunity

Co-Founders Dennis Aasberg and Peter of the OceanX Team have been invited to Panama lately to see if they can assist in other treasure hunting projects. They arrived on Wednesday to conduct some extremely interesting discussions with Panamanian officials in regards to high-value salvage operations in previously restricted Panamanian waters. With over $60 Billion estimated in sunken treasure still  salvageable in the world’s Ocean’s, Panama is a very lucrative opportunity.


Before the team left for Panama, OceanX co-founder Dennis Aasberg had this to say:


“Soon we go to Panama, which will be very interesting. With regard to the object in the Baltic Sea, we wait until the ice is gone and the weather is good, but it is hard to wait, it could be something BIG!. object shape and lines, holes and exposed to high heat and event it is not normal. if it is constructed, I think YES, Who could have constructed the object ?. what it is, we’re working on it and will find the answer.”


Well, let’s see. Here I am! I’m sitting here in the Ancylus right now, in Norrtälje. It’s Monday. Last week, we were in Prague. The reason we were in Prague is that we had a meeting with a representative who has a wide network of contacts with the Panamainan decision-making organ. A real entrepreneur and visionary, a colorful character that were amazing to talk to, the experiences he had just left me… well, it was terrific fun!

What we have in store, possibly, and I hope it will happen, is that we are going to Panama to dive on wrecks there. And the prerequisites to be able to dive there, is that we need authorization from the Panamanian Indian tribes. The waters belong to them, umm… and so far no one has ever gotten permission to do this, to dive there. The last person who were diving there, I think.. was.. kicked out, rumor says.. that was Brad Pitt and his crew. What he was doing there? I have no idea, but that’s what I’ve heard.

These waters are sacred to them, um… and the treasures lying there belongs to them. They haven’t recovered them, and there are lots of reasons for that, which I don’t need to account for now, but.. The treasures are still there. And this is cargoes of gold, and diamonds, and silver. But, we’re talking HUGE quantities of it. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries much of the gold came from South America and was shipped across the waters to Spain, and Europe.

Lots and lots of ships have been shipwrecked outside the Panamanian coastline. And for us to receive this offer, to meet with these people, and present what we can accomplish, that’s just.. fantastic! It’s unreal that we’re given this chance…If we’re given this chance, which it seems we will get.

And now we’re talking about *extreme* opportunities, also for the object we found in the Baltic Sea last year. That case just seems hopeless to raise money for, and develop… it’s.. well it’s like I’ve said so many times. We’re FAR from done with that. FAR from done! If we are to make something of that, we need financial backing. And if sponsors are unwilling, or a bit worried, well then we will have to do this ourselves! That’s what we’ll have to do! We can do this! That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time. But! We’ll do it OUR way. The way we do things best.

We will go over to Panama and find out if they are interested (which they of course are), and that we land a deal there. We’ll be the first to have a deal with the Panamanian Indians, and to make this happen. This will -of course- bring in an incredible amount of money. But it’s also a good thing, from our point of view, to be able to recover this, and contribute with our know-how. And much of this money will go towards schools, hospitals, development and so on, in Panama. It doesn’t get better than that! And a small amount will go to us, so that we’re able to develop this company, get more effective, and have better equipment, and continue around the world to explore the ocean floors. Because that’s what we’re good at!

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Aasberg - founders of the OceanX team.

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Aasberg – Treasure hunters and founders of the OceanX team.

So that’s how it is! That’s why we were in Prague. To attend the first meeting. Prague, by the way, is an incredible.. I can highly recommend it! Go to Prague! Incredibly beautiful city! What an architecture! The buildings they have over there! The Old Town in Prague is fantastic! The great churches… catholic churches that are totally amazing, amazing buildings! So that’s highly recommended. And also, the beer is very tasty! Well, for those of you who likes beer. That’s that about Prague and the meeting we had…

 *Thank-you to Mikael Granqvist for the Swedish-English translation above.

Only a few hours ago Dennis posted this photo of the team’s meeting with their new friends in Panama



External Links

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OceanX Facebook Group (13,000) members – http://www.facebook.com/groups/OceanXteam


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Large artist prints of the Baltic Anomaly can be purchased here – http://vaghauk.deviantart.com/


Big Brother Tracking In Your Trainers

Posted on October 17, 2012

Now the NSA can track you via your trainers as well as that iPhone you love so dearly.

“Shoes with an in-built tracking device to locate Alzheimer’s patients have gone on sale in the UK.


Designed to give worried relatives and friends piece of mind, the shoes enable the person with Alzheimer’s to be monitored remotely, giving them more freedom.


One of the most common concerns for families of an Alzheimer’s sufferer is that the person often becomes lost after getting confused and disoriented. The £250 shoes are fitted with a miniature GPS system – similar to those used in sat-nav systems found in cars – that allows its wearer’s location to be accurately pinpointed.




Area 51 – BBC Film Crew Arrested At Gunpoint

Posted on October 12, 2012

A BBC documentary film crew has been held at gunpoint for over three hours while trying to sneak into the world’s most famous secret base – Area 51, otherwise known as Groom Lake / Dreamland.

The BBC film crew just before they were arrested

The Groom Lake facility has no perimeter fence to keep out intruders, but instead uses a network of hidden sensors and cameras that can detect when anyone crosses onto the base. Private security guards also patrol in unmarked jeeps.


Documentary maker Darren Perks and his film crew were arrested at gunpoint while filming ”UFO: Conspiracy Road Trip’ documentary, which airs next Monday; the footage will show the incident where they are arrested at gunpoint.


They were forced to lie on the ground for three hours as guards surrounded them armed with M16 assault rifles.

‘At this point I managed to talk to the guards a bit and one told me how they could ‘make you disappear and your body will never be found’. – Darren Perks

Some of the buildings at the Area 51 gate that the team managed to film before their arrest.

UFO enthusiast and documentary film maker Darren perks said: ‘At this point I managed to talk to the guards a bit and one told me how they could ‘make you disappear and your body will never be found’.

Apache Helicopter

‘He also pointed out that an Apache attack helicopter had been scrambled and had been monitoring us from two miles away and that over 20 military guards had driven up from the actual base to deal with the incident. There were quite a few of them there with guns loaded with 223 ammo!

UFO expert: Darren Perks is a believer

UFO enthusiast: Darren Perks

“One guard I quizzed let slip that there are sensors in the ground that can detect approaching vehicles and walkers up in the nearby mountains, so they know if people are getting too close as they cannot put fences up because the area is so big.”

“Then at about 11:30pm we were allowed to leave on the bus and we went back to our hotel at the nearby town of Alamo Nevada.”




The crew were all facing a potential 6 month jail sentence for crossing onto the restricted area, but after a series of phone calls between Washington and London and the payment of an equivalent £375 fine each they were allowed to go free.



It didn’t end there for the crew as they had obvioulsy attracted a lot of rather unwanted attention. Perks went on - ‘Because the film equipment had been taken by the FBI we had to wait to get new kit from Vegas so we had a day of rest but we were followed everywhere by unmarked Government vehicles.”


‘They stuck out like a sore thumb to me. It was myself that pointed this out to the others otherwise they would not have been aware of being followed.”



Mars Rover Image Shows Strange Shiny Object

Posted on October 10, 2012

Nasa’s Curiosity rover has discovered a curious shiny object sticking up out of the martian surface.


The discovery was made while the rover was conducting one of it’s pre-planned experiments of analysing scooped-up martian soil.  As you would expect, NASA have played down the significance of the find with a bizarre explanation that they think it “appears to be a shred of plastic material”,  stating that “The rover team’s assessment is that the bright object is something from the rover, not Martian material.”

This image from the right Mast Camera (Mastcam) of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shows a scoop full of sand and dust lifted by the rover's first use of the scoop on its robotic arm. In the foreground, near the bottom of the image, a bright object is visible on the ground. Click image to enlarge.

The NASA statement continued…


“To proceed cautiously, the team is continuing the investigation for another day before deciding whether to resume processing of the sample in the scoop. Plans include imaging of surroundings with the Mastcam.


“A sample of sand and dust scooped up on Sol 61 remains in the scoop. Plans to transfer it from the scoop into other chambers of the sample-processing device were postponed as a precaution during planning for Sol 62 after the small, bright object was detected in an image from the Mast Camera (Mastcam).”


“A Sol 62 raw image from ChemCam, at http://1.usa.gov/R1fZHt, shows the object in question just to left of center of the image.”

Closeup of the object sticking out of the ground.

Quite frankly, NASA’s explanation that pieces of the $2.5 Billion dollar rover are now just randomly falling off simply doesn’t fly.  If it’s a piece of plastic, then where did it come from and if it fell off then under what circumstances would it come to rest sticking straight up? The time for pieces to come off the rover would have been during the landing sequence, and not as Curiosity slowly meanders across the surface.


This latest anomalous find comes on the back of several other bizarre images recently beamed back and then analysed by others which clearly showed unexplained phenomena.

White object shown flying from left to right across the series of images.

YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK, part of a group called Alien Disclosure UK, spotted the anomalies on the NASA images, publicly available on the space agency’s website, and applied a series of filters to try to shed light on the mystery.


Referring to the four pin-points of light pictured in the skies of Mars (below), he said: ‘Four objects caught by Mars Curiosity, very difficult to make out on original image so I have used a few filters to highlight.


‘What are these four objects? UFOs, Dust particles, or something else? As always you decide.’

Original unfiltered NASA photograph. Click for larger image.

Filtered image shows four three objects clustered together and a fourth at the very top of the image. Click for larger image.

NASA Original Image



Physorg Story



Good also to see that establishment presstitutes from Space.com / Yahoo / Debunkers R Us  are paying absolutely no attention to the scientific method by pronouncing that it IS definitely “a piece of plastic”, despite the fact that NASA have said they still don’t know what it is.  See link below.


Microchipped Humans: Nightmare Becomes Reality

Posted on September 17, 2012

“Scientists have designed a brain implant that sharpened decision making and restored lost mental capacity in monkeys, providing the first demonstration in primates of the sort of brain prosthesis that could eventually help people with damage from dementia, strokes or other brain injuries.”

From BrisbaneTimes.com


The device, though years away from commercial development, gives researchers a model for how to support and enhance fairly advanced mental skills in the frontal cortex of the brain, the seat of thinking and planning.The new report appeared on Thursday in the Journal of Neural Engineering.


”The whole idea is that the device would generate an output pattern that bypasses the damaged area, providing an alternative connection in the brain,” he said.


Many hurdles remain. Decision making, like memory, is a multifaceted process that involves many neural circuits, depending on the decision being made.

In the study, researchers at Wake Forest trained five rhesus monkeys to play a picture-matching game. The monkeys saw an image on a large screen – of a toy, a person, a mountain range – and tried to select the same image from a larger group of images that appeared on the same screen a little while later. The monkeys got a treat for every correct answer.


After two years of practice, the animals developed some mastery, getting about 75 per cent of the easier matches correct and 40 per cent of the harder ones, markedly better than chance guessing. The monkeys were implanted with a tiny probe with two sensors; it was threaded through the forehead and into two neighbouring layers of the cerebral cortex, the thin outer covering of the brain.


The two layers, called L-2/3 and L-5, are known to communicate with each other during decision making of the sort that the monkeys were doing when playing the matching game.


The device recorded the crackle of firing neurons during the animals’ choices and transmitted it to a computer. Researchers at USC, led by Theodore Berger, analysed this neural signal, and determined its pattern when the monkeys made correct choices.


To test the device, the team relayed this ”correct” signal into the monkeys’ brains when they were in the middle of choosing a possible picture match, and it improved their performance by about 10 per cent.


The technology used in the study could easily be contained on an implantable chip, Deadwyler said, and it is possible to envision a system that could help people with brain damage.


Aerial Drones To Patrol Beaches

Posted on September 16, 2012

“Surf Life Saving Australia says unmanned aerial drones will patrol some Queensland beaches this summer.”


An unmanned aerial drone


From ABC News..


The organisation’s head, Brett Williamson, says the drones will be used on North Stradbroke Island in a trial of the technology. He has told Radio National’s Background Briefing program the drones, which have a wingspan of one metre, use cameras to search for swimmers in distress. Mr Williamson says the drones will be fitted with flotation buoys that can be dropped down to the ocean.


“At the end of the day this is about public safety,” he said.


“It’s not about intruding on anybody’s privacy and, fortunately, with our experience of having the fixed cameras network we haven’t had one problem or one complaint or one operator that hasn’t operated in strict accordance with those protocols that we have in place.”




This most definitely IS a breach of privacy and more fundamentally, this is a deliberate roll-out of drone technology to get a hostile public used to seeing these in the sky.  Once our guard is down, they will only EXPAND the roll-out to other government agencies and soon the sky will be filled with these things.  Privacy will be a thing of the past and citizens will wake up one day to realise that they are living in an Orwellian nightmare.

OceanX Team Set Sail For Baltic Anomaly

Posted on September 10, 2012

Yesterday, Swedish treasure hunters Ocean Explorer Team  set sail again on another expedition to the Baltic Anomaly. Dennis Aasberg (co-founder) released a short video blog a few days prior.


Dennis explained a little of what he is thinking…


“Like I said before – this is unique, this is something special down there, but I don’t know what it is yet, but we will find out”.  “It’s not easy when you don’t have the right equipment also”.

The trip is expected to last 7-10 days and will also incorporate an investigation of a more traditional shipwreck. The team have not had much luck in the way of sponsorship and so funding for these expensive trips has become a concern.

Artist's impression of the anomaly by talented German artist Hauke Vagt - http://vaghauk.deviantart.com/

This fan-created YouTube video illustrates the scale of the anomaly compared to the Statue of Liberty in New York. Thanks to Laura Funke (Facebook Group) for the link.

Follow the daily developments on the Group’s Facebook page.


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A full report on the team’s expedition and findings will follow – hopefully with some new images.

Wikipedia Editor Bias Gets In The Way Of Facts

Posted on September 9, 2012

Wikipedia again proving that the personal bias and mindset of certain page editors wins over factual content.  So many examples of this that it’s becoming an epidemic – surely Wikipedia has had its time and should now do the right thing and shutdown.


Renowned author Philip Roth has criticised Wikipedia after he was unable to convince the site to change an entry about one of his novels.


From the BBC…


Roth tried to tell Wikipedia about an error in the entry for his novel The Human Stain, published in 2000. But the site’s administrators initially refused to amend the entry, saying they required a second source.


The prize-winning US author, 79, is famed for his tales of Jewish life, relationships and mortality. The Human Stain tells the tale of Coleman Silk, a classics tutor at a fictional Massachusetts college, whose life spirals into chaos after he makes an ill-received remark judged by some as a racial slur. According to the Wikipedia entry – which has now been amended – Silk, who Roth portrayed as born to black parents but who lived his life as a white man, was based on the character of writer and critic Anatole Broyard.


Read the full story